Al Qamzi Developments

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Al Qamzi Developments

Al Qamzi Developments is one of the famous companies not only in the Egyptian real estate market. But also in the Emirati lands, since its foundation in 1997 in the United Arab Emirates. As well as it succeeded in launching the largest and most diverse real estate projects. There is no counterpart to it, and for the company to expand and serve the largest possible number of customers. It has worked to expand and come to the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt since 2010. During that period that exceeded a decade, it succeeded in achieving a brilliant and pioneering name for itself among the rest of the companies in the real estate field.

Al Qamzi Developments is always able to provide the largest residential and integrated coastal projects. Which made it achieve an unprecedented percentage of sales. Integrating these projects with the company’s many features made it have a huge segment of customers with high levels of trust and placed it in a distinguished position. Besides the expansion of Al Qamzi Group into many other fields such as the following:

  • Oil and gas field services on land and offshore.
  • Energy transmission networks and stations.
  • Involved in mechanical and electrical contracting.
  • Bridge projects and main roads.
  • Landscaping contracting.
  • In addition to public transportation.

Members of the Board of Directors of Al Qamzi Developments

  • Mr. Abdullah Al Qamzi

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is also considered the Emirati partner in Egypt and the founder of that group of distinguished companies. He also has experience in more than forty projects inside and outside the Emirati borders in many fields of infrastructure and contracting in addition to transportation, and he previously stated that he understands the mechanisms in the Middle East region. And also North Africa, which puts the company in that prestigious position. He also appreciates the efforts made to advance the real estate market.

  • Mr. Yasser Zidan

In the position of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, he is considered the Egyptian partner of the company and is famous for having extensive experience in business management in the field of real estate and managing real estate portfolios for more than 11 years. He also has a distinguished vision of rising despite all circumstances, with his keenness to preserve Egyptian architectural originality Integrating them with the latest designs that keep pace with global development, the company offers projects that suit the level of its clients.

He also stated previously that the company has been keen, since the first times of its establishment, to lead the huge real estate market, by impressing its customers by providing all their aspirations and needs, and also the company’s keenness to seek help from young cadres with the greatest experience to combine modernity and experience and reach the best forms. Excellence and integration. In addition to ensuring that we keep pace with continuous changes and provide the best solutions.

Prominent projects of Al Qamzi Developments

Al Qamzi Developments chose the most important geographical spots to lay the foundations of its projects on them. This adds more comfort to its customers and makes them close to the most important landmarks. Also, the main roads that would facilitate their access without any hassle. Obstacles or delays in arrival because the comfort of its customers is its greatest goal and through this it provides them with the greatest return on investment in the following projects:

  • Eastshire Signature Village New Cairo Compound.
  • Al Qamzi Tower 1 Korba.
  • Al Qamzi Tower 2 Korba.
  • AlQamzi Headquarters Building Sheraton.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort