Al Riyadh Misr Developments

Peerage Residence New Cairo Prices from 4,637,000 EGP
10% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 125 m²

Al Riyadh Misr Developments

Al Riyadh Misr Developments is considered as one of the largest investor and real estate entity in Egypt .Due to its history it made very quickly become the first developer and the ideal ownership destination for the largest segment of customers. This comes as a result of it sweeping the field and leaving its mark. A long history that extends since its establishment in the city of Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since 2017, where the company succeeded in introducing innovative concepts to the market during which it changed the traditional map and moved it to the highest global ranks, ensuring its customers a feeling of distinction and comfort over time.

The company also succeeded in attracting all attention to it because of its strength in developing the Egyptian economy through unique works in the field of housing that ensured the finest integrated urban communities, in addition to its introduction of innovative methods characterized by globalization due to its constant keenness to keep pace with international markets that appear during the various stages of construction, and this was reflected in Its position, which has become a symbol and an ideal company that is trusted due to its complete credibility with customers over the long term, while providing the highest quality, continuous innovation, and also sustainability, thus fulfills various market requirements and makes its customers feel that they are investing in dreams that exist as a tangible reality on the ground.

Vision and Mission of Al Riyadh Misr Developments

Since its establishment, the company is following many values ​​and philosophy that took it to the highest ranks with great speed, making it sweep the local real estate field and also in KSA, which is its primary headquarters and the destination of its establishment. The most prominent of these values ​​are also evident in its keenness to become the first leading developer in the real estate market while creating a global life characterized by sustainability and commensurate with the values ​​and requirements of Egyptian society by keeping pace with a mission that aims to provide unique communities and services of the highest possible quality that follow the latest international systems and standards to exceed the aspirations and dreams of its customers. Which puts their comfort first during the various foundation stages.

The company is also distinguished by having very carefully chose cadres with countless experiences that quickly gained them a leading position in the real estate market in the Egyptian and Saudi markets, through their possession of a unique vision and innovative concepts that aim to set their projects apart from what exists in the field. All of this is reflected in the company’s guarantee of providing integrated systems. The property has a purposeful imprint for the better future at all stages, with a creative design that makes it the primary ownership destination for customers looking for a sense of global distinction and sophistication in addition to comfort over time.

Advantages and Goals of Al Riyadh Misr Developments

  • Paying attention to the smallest details to meet various customer needs.
  • Works according to schedule without any delay.
  • Building its works with the highest quality, resistant to weather factors and earthquakes.
  • Paying attention to the aesthetic aspect, also preserving the environment during all stages.
  • Providing the greatest integration of services, in addition to be in latest international standards.
  • Offering its projects at competitive prices and convenient payment systems.
  • Building a long-term relationship with its customers that is completely transparent.
  • Studying the market in detail, as reflected in its selection of the best destinations for its projects.

Prominent Projects of Al Riyadh Misr Developments

New Cairo and Beit Al Watan projects

  • Peerage Residence New Cairo Compound.
  • (A66/ G31 /F66) in the first district of the Fifth Settlement.
  • The A34 and B129 projects in the Second District in the Fifth Settlement.
  • F94 project in the Third District, Fifth Settlement.
  • Mini Compound Projects (1/2) North House.
  • C2 and C3 mini-compound projects in the Second District.
  • (E70 /M82 /D20) in the Fifth District.
  • (D14 /D31 /151B /F75) in the second district.
  • Project 31M, Second District, Fifth Settlement.
  • H9 projects in the fourth district and also the 106D project in the first district.
  • 149 North Home Adaptation Project.

Al Shorouk City projects by Riyadh Misr Developments

  • Project 5 in the second district, the small investor, Shorouk.
  • 113 in the fourth district, Shorouk.
  • 71 in the Al-Nadi neighborhood, Al-Shorouk.
  • Project 51 West Shorouk
  • Fairview Complex in the third district, east of Shorouk.
  • Project 51 in East Shorouk area.
  • Projects (1/49/65/73/77/249) in Shorouk City.

Narjis projects

  • Projects 87 and 139 in New Narjes.
  • Project 176 New Narjes Extension.
  • Project 138D Narjes Extension.