Arco Developments

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Arco Developments

Arco Developments is one of the most well-known and huge real estate companies in the Egyptian market. With which it changed the map of local housing to the highest global ranks in unprecedented ways that ensured it sits at the top of the field and made it the best destination for ownership on Egyptian lands for those looking for excellence and ensuring the success of their investments, as it owns The company has a history of experience extending for nearly two decades, during which it achieved major successful projects that attracted attention and customers throughout MENA.

Arco Developments successes in penetrating the commercial investment market, such as City Stars Mall, the ideal destination for investment from major international brands as well as tourism, all of which came following the strongest international specifications in construction with integration into various needs, which in turn follows the latest international technical methods. To ensure an easier life and also manage your investment, regardless of its field, this ensures achieving the company’s ultimate goal of permanent customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission of Arco Developments

Arco Developments aims to occupy the throne of the field, achieve this, it has worked to provide innovative concepts characterized by universality and uniqueness in all its construction stages for various residential, commercial, and even touristic works that comply with a unique imprint that expresses sophistication with Development to integrate it with the latest international standards, which creates a feeling of complete satisfaction.

The company also proceeded to intend to meet the various needs of the market, which made it exert the maximum effort in all stages while keeping pace with the development in the global markets over time to satisfy the various tastes of the market, which will be reflected in its acquisition of the largest number of customers with endless levels of trust, which made it the best destination.

Features of Arco Developments

  • Arco Developments provides the highest standards of safety, besides sustainability.
  • Building a relationship of mutual trust with clients over the long term.
  • Full commitment to all stages of construction, especially delivery.
  • Its projects follow the latest international systems in construction.
  • Choosing the best strategic locations to make it easier for its customers to move around.
  • Ensuring to introduction of innovative concepts to its business according to international principles.
  • Choosing the finest construction materials by international specifications.
  • Choosing modern designs, as well as the company is keen to suit all tastes.
  • Taking care to balance prices and high quality.
  • Arco Developments is keen to become the primary ownership destination.

Prominent projects of Arco Developments

Since the foundation of Arco Developments, it put huge efforts into choosing the locations of its projects. Including many factors, the first of which is the location of the most prestigious new spots, distance from congestion and noise. In addition to the ease of movement to and from it, achieving the comfort of the owners while gaining high traffic alongside the commercial business. Reflecting the greatest success and return on investment. Some of these projects are the following:

  • La Fontaine New Cairo.
  • Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • City Stars Madinet Nasr.
  • Lagoon Arco Village.
  • New Alamein Lagoon Resort.
  • City Stars North Coast Village.