Dar Al Alamia Developments

Acasa Mia New Cairo Prices from 5,700,000 EGP
10% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 105

Dar Al Alamia Developments

Dar Al Alamia Developments is one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market. It has more than 50 years of experience in the field of furniture, and after 30 years of success, it was established by Dar Al Alamia Building and Construction Company in 2010. It turned to the field of real estate investment to occupy a distinguished position in The Egyptian real estate market and has become one of the fastest-growing real estate investment and development companies in Egypt. Despite its newness in the field of real estate, it has been able to obtain a large base of customers with high levels of trust due to the excellence and creativity it has provided in the Acasa Mia New Cairo Compound. The company was established in 1971 as a luxury furniture company by Saleh Muhammad Abdullah, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Many large projects launched by many companies also gained their esteemed reputation and credibility. Many major government organizations and the private sector, by relying on its unparalleled network and enormous years of experience, established Dar Al-Ilamiah Building and Construction in 2010 AD, resulting in a strong pipeline of projects in new cities and becoming one of the fastest-growing private companies. In the building and construction sector in Egypt, it also established Dar Al Alamia Developments, through which it aims to launch its pioneering projects throughout Egypt to develop distinctive living experiences and meet the needs of its communities.

Advantages of Dar Al Alamia Developments Company

The company is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market and has had tremendous experience in the field since its establishment. The company has recently entered the field of real estate development. Despite this, it has a different vision and goals that have made it one of the largest real estate companies competing to follow these advantages and goals in every project, For Example:

  • Build advanced urban communities using the latest international methods and technologies.
  • Providing a luxurious residential that complies with international standards.
  • Creating a good architectural taste with the best designs, also the latest engineering decorations.
  • Cooperate with a large group of experts and engineers to benefit from their experiences.
  • Provide the best urban methods with every work it launches.
  • Study the Egyptian real estate market in detail before launching any project.
  • Keen on after-sales service to provide its customers with a good standard of housing.
  • Strengthening its relationship with all customers to gain their trust.
  • Providing a large range of residential units of spaces, also at the best competitive prices.
  • Establishing different and suitable installment systems
  • Creating standards of quality, innovation, and creativity in all its legitimacy.
  • Committed to important standards, including transparency and credibility.

Prominent works of Dar Al Alamia Developments

Dar Al Alamia Developments has had great experience in the Egyptian real estate market since its foundation. Since this era, it has gained a large segment of customers with high levels of confidence. Due to the development and innovation it provides in every work it constructs. It is also keen to choose the best vital spots that are located close to the roads. The important and main direct axes to facilitate mobility for owners, For Example:

  • ACASA MIA New Cairo Compound.