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Eagle Group Company

Eagle Group is one of the companies that has a proven record of achievements in the Arab Republic of Egypt, due to its various investment and residential projects in the most important vital areas. Therefore, the company has obtained a large segment of clients with high levels of trust, and it also began the company became active in 2009 and specialized in all contracting works, as well as concrete works and all finishing works interior, besides the exterior, in addition to the landscaping works, and field development, in various fields, including residential, industrial, commercial and also administrative, where Eagle Group was able to Obtain a prominent position among the major leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market.

It also has been working on providing different departments in the company such as marketing, contracting, finishing, and designs. The company also has its department for advertising and advertising advertising agency, which in turn carries out designs and advertising work for the company and clients as well. For example, the company owns Advertising screens in Al-Nisr Square in Badr City can be advertised on, and it also has an integrated team of architectural designers in the design department, which in turn produces distinctive modern designs, whether designs for external facades or interiors.

Advantages and Objectives of Eagle Group

Eagle Group is following many different values ​​and goals to become one of the leaders in the real estate market. Therefore, the company has a good reputation and a great position among competing companies During which it occupied the throne of the real estate field, the most important goals and features of Eagle Group Real Estate Company are represented in the following:

  • High quality and innovation standards in every work it carries out is its vision.
  • Provide projects with a strong return on investment for its clients.
  • Aims to provide good urban and investment communities.
  • Using the best foundations and modern technologies for all the processes.
  • Hiring a group of the most famous experts and engineers.
  • Work on providing its projects with creativity.
  • Keen to build a long-term relationship of trust between it and all its customers.
  • Delivers all its projects on time without delay.
  • The company is keen to study the real estate market in detail before launching any project.
  • Provide large packages of units of various sizes and also at the best competitive prices.
  • Eagle Group always works on following international technologies.
  • Creating a new residential style by engineering principles and standards.
  • Provide all the needs of the Egyptian real estate market to achieve a better standard of living.
  • It develops a group of payment plans with the lowest down payment and long-term installments.

Prominent Projects of Eagle Group Company

Eagle Group is one of the largest real estate developers in the Republic. The company has a great position and a leading name among the largest real estate companies, which makes it compete with many companies as a result of the investment projects it owns as well as various residential and industrial projects in various vital areas in the Republic. Arab Egypt, where the company is implementing all its projects in the most important strategic locations that are located close to important roads and vital places to facilitate access for all customers without taking long distances, and the most important projects of Eagle Group Company are represented in the following:

  • Eagle Mall 85 El Shorouk.
  • Eagle Hub Mall, Shorouk City.
  • Eagle Mall in Badr City.
  • Eagle Plaza in Badr City.
  • Implementing many projects in Badr City.
  • Heaven Gardens New Cairo Compound.