El Attal Holding

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El Attal Holding

El Attal Holding Company is one of the major real estate companies and it needs no introduction, so it is a name alone that is enough to take that initiative and own the most distinctive units, as it is considered one of the most famous and old international companies that possesses high experience and skill in the huge Egyptian real estate market since 1948. Since that time, it has been able to succeed and prove itself with full force to deserve to ascend to this field. Then, El Attal Holding's establishment touched the real estate field and the real estate market in Egypt in 1987, El Attal Holding created a large series of honorable achievements and giant cities that were distinguished by bearing the name Al-Attal Real Estate Group.

El Attal Holding began in 1948 with the KHulusi El Attal Textile Company. The Hussein Awni Company for Importing and Supporting Electrical Appliances. As well as the two companies joined under the name of El Attal Brothers. It installed and supplied different types of switches and high, medium, in addition to the low pressure switches for the High Dam project. In 1987, a new company was established under the name “El Attal Construction”, specializing in construction, contracting and infrastructure. It also seeks to work on building a group of sustainable companies that offer huge projects of real value and real estate developments. That will make it obtain a prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market.

Vision and Mission of Al Attal Holding

The company holds a vision inspired by heritage to promote culturally-led real estate development in Egypt by nurturing communities towards development, creativity and progress. Al-Attal Holding Company also strives to build a group of sustainable companies that offer the latest projects of real value and market-leading real estate developments. It also has an ultimate vision of leveraging their value, delivering quality and commitment to the communities in which they operate.

El Attal Holding also provides its customers with our team of experts and a proven record of good reputation to continue achieving high returns and quality, and plans to provide residential communities in a distinctive location filled with a sense of accomplishment, fairness, and multiple services to all of our customers. As for partnerships and shareholders, the company believes in the necessity of creating and strengthening beneficial and caring partnerships with market leaders from All over the world, which leads to achieving long-term and consistent growth and success to increase growth and development that serves all parties.

El Attal Holding For Development

El Attal Holding Company owns a large portfolio of businesses. As well as it is characterized by a long and rich history until it reached this great position. It also exists at the present time, as the following:

  • 1948: Khulusi Al-Attal Textile Company, by Hussein Awni to import and support electrical appliances.
  • 1949: The two companies joined together under the name (El-Attal Brothers).
  • 1967: Supply and installation of fiberglass electrical panels, searchlights, wiring and sirens for military imports.
  • 1972: Its first factory in the Middle East under the name “Arab Electronic Office”.
  • 1975: Al-Attal Company established the first company in Egypt for industrial and preventive security (Nasser Company for Trade and Industry).
  • 1983: The Egyptian Company for Contracting, Construction and Engineering Consultations.
  • 1985: Establishment of “Al-Attal Holding from Heart to Heart” to manufacture furniture and interior designs for homes and hotels.

El Attal Holding History

  • 1987: Launched El Attal Construction, Infrastructure and Restorations Group.
  • 1998: It also established retail stores through a retail chain for electrical appliances, home appliances, automobile trading, import and export, and porcelain trading.
  • 1999: Establishment of a new shareholder company called “Multi for Economic Developments”.
  • 2001: A new company called “System Egypt for Kitchens”.
  • 2007: El-Attal Group changed its name to El-Attal Group of Companies.
  • 2008: The first foreign branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a full Malaysian staff.
  • 2011: Establishment of Jusoor Building Materials, Import and Export.
  • 2012: for importing and exporting of food products and retail stores under the name “AAM International food suppliers”.
  • 2013: AGD develops different types of residential units in New Cairo, Shorouk City, in addition to Sheikh Ziyad.
  • 2015: “El -Attal Group of Companies on-board advertising and digital media agency.
  • 2017: El-Attal Group of Companies established the company Spatium for good design and good finishing.
  • 2018: The company brought all of the above together into Al-Attal Holding Company with a new innovative vision for the field of real estate in Egypt.
  • 2019: Introducing the first compound in the world within the New Administrative Capital - Ain Sokhna - North Coast.

Members of the Board of Directors of El Attal Holding

  • Engineer/ Ahmed Al-Attal, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • And also engineer/Mohamed Al-Attal.

Prominent Projects El Attal Holding

  • Embassy of Angola, Embassy of Qatar, Embassy of Bahrain, Embassy of Uganda, Embassy of Malaysia).
  • Projects in several different areas, such as (Heliopolis area, Nasr City, Garden City).
  • It also contributed to infrastructure work in the High Dam Project in Aswan.
  • West Levels Sheikh Zayed
  • The 101 Mostakbal City
  • Park Lane New Capital