El Masria Group

Isola Quattro New Cairo Prices from 34,000 EGP
15% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 153
Isola Centra New Cairo Prices from 51,000 EGP
10% Down payment 9 Years Installment Space 40
Isola New Cairo Prices from 34,000 EGP
15% Down payment 7 Installment Space 153
Isola Sheraton Prices from 8,510,000 EGP
10% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 170

El Masria Group Developments

El Masria Group Developments has been one of the leading companies in the construction market since its establishment in 1987. By providing the most important and powerful residential and investment projects to meet all the interests and needs of the diverse market. It is distinguished by its different and special footprint and unique innovation, as well as the integration of the latest international standards. Supporting all needs and the achievement of comfort and lasting excellence for its customers. This was reflected in gaining confidence from a large segment of them, exceeding more than 10,000 customers. Due to its transparency and complete commitment over the long term.

Strategy of El Masria Group

Since the foundation of El Masria Group for more than 30 years it is keen on pursuing a lofty goal of becoming a leader in local urbanization with all rights. And that leads it to reflect on raising the level of standards of its various projects in various residential and investment fields. To keep pace with the same line of development according to the approach Sustainable with the international standards.

El Masria Group also took care from the beginning not to be affected by any challenge. Which made it succeed in overcoming it without any influence attracting the attention of those looking to be at the top with the distinction and strength of projects that guarantee him the finest comfortable place. As well as it is a residential or an investment that achieves the highest return and the greatest possible success. To meet Various market needs. It has worked to provide more than 120 projects.  In the most important strategic destinations in the Egyptian Republic on a land portfolio of more than 200 acres.

Advantages El Masria Group Developments

The company has an endless list of features and goals that it has committed to over the long term. Ensuring the highest standards of comfort and excellence for its customers, in all of its of projects that rightfully sit at the top of the real estate field. Some of these features are the following:

  • Choosing the highest quality materials during the construction journey also ensures that they will last without any damage.
  • Choosing the finest modern designs suitable for different tastes and ensuring their harmony with the interior.
  • Delivery before the delivery date, which increases customer satisfaction rates.
  • Choosing the best destinations in the Republic and thus ensuring ease of movement for its customers.
  • Exploiting into various residential and investment fields to achieve various market needs.
  • El Masria Group always studies the market in detail before establishing any project.
  • It cares about the environment and the health of its customers, which makes it offer most of the space for crops.
  • Ensuring continuous innovation in all projects, regardless of their field.
  • Keeping pace with the latest international methods in construction and ensuring that they are available in all its projects.
  • Building a long-term relationship with customers with two principles of integrity and transparency over the long term.
  • Ensuring providing sustainable communities that last for generations with a positive imprint.
  • Its clients are its priority in all of its projects.

Prominent projects of El Masria Group

  • Isola Sheraton Compound
  • Isola 6 October Compound
  • Isola Villa Sheikh Zayed.
  • Isola New Cairo Compound
  • Isola Centra New Cairo