ERG Developments

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ERG Developments

ERG Developments is one of the well-known developer companies in the Egyptian real estate market, for what it executed in different areas in Egypt. This has been easily noticed since its foundation in 2005. During that short time, it was successful in establishing the largest specialized projects in various fields of real estate and commercial. This made it attract all eyes thereby succeeding in achieving a huge number of sales, which made it gain a huge number of customers' trust. The company was founded by Mr. Mohammed Rizk.

ERG-Emaar Rizk Developments

ERG Developments has a long history in many areas that are characterized by each of them without any negligence in the other field and possess. A leading name and an imprint that ensures the success of any project, In addition to importing and exporting goods from and to Egypt. All its projects are complete, with the best unique images. The company cooperates with the largest expertise in the field of engineering consulting and design. KAD's foundation in 2012. To start working in managing and operation, in addition to is keen to develop and manage projects to suit the market needs in the latest technologies. The company, also has different companies, For Example:

  • Emaar Rizk Development.
  • List for Rizk Shipping.
  • Also Rizk Temper Company.

Vision and Mission of ERG Developments

Emaar Rizk - ERG has a leading position, which has succeeded in  all of its projects has a long list of advantages and objectives and successfully placed it in that prestigious position by following the following points:

  • Its keenness to provide housing or commercial projects with the latest technologies to facilitate housing owners and ensure the success of projects and facilitate them in the easiest ways.
  • Working on delivering all its units on dates without any delay.
  • Interested in creating a good relationship characterized by credibility and transparency with customers.
  • Present its projects in the finest and latest international designs and the most luxurious interiors.
  • Its interest in customer comfort.
  • All of its projects come with the strongest security measures for the safety of owners over time.
  • The company has a mission to engage in issues of concern to individuals, families, and communities through a relentless commitment to create distinct living, working, and leisure environments.

Prominent Projects of ERG Developments

ERG Developments is always keen to be present in the most important vital spots located on Egyptian lands. Through its long experience. It launched the most successful projects in the field in Mansoura and Damietta. To be keen to meet all customers’ needs. By launching different projects, For Example:

  • It implemented the City Live project in cooperation with the Housing and Development Bank
  • I also worked on the City Live 2 project in partnership with the Housing and Development Bank
  • Project in the Ras El Bar area.
  • In addition to building and developing about 12 towers in Mansoura City
  • Project in Damietta and the project was delivered and fully settled
  • Projects and real estate in the heart of Damietta and Mansoura
  • It established the Diamond Tower New Administrative Capital project
  • Launch Diamond Tower 2 in the New Administrative Capital
  • Most important current projects, Monrail Tower New Capital
  • Project in the New Administrative Capital linked to the monorail station in the Tourist Towers area
  • It also has a direct view of the Green River and its largest gardens in the world, in addition to the Egyptian Mosque.