Juzur Development

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Juzur Development

Juzur Development means roots in Arabic, which symbolizes connection and foundation roots. It is a new and innovative real estate startup backed by visionary domestic and foreign investors. The company strategically develops land banks to offer diverse properties, ensuring financial stability through stable wallets for investors. Juzur is a company that aims to bring fresh and different ideas to the real estate industry. By focusing on values like family and community. The company has a strategic plan to expand into real estate development fields in other countries within 2026.

The company is a creative real estate development company, with huge international investment with partners from Sudan, and Canada, in addition to the UK. CEO of Juzur is the British partner, engineer Tarek Nour, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah, besides a Master’s in Business Administration/Projects specializing in construction and strategic projects and financial plans from the prestigious British University of Coventry.

CEO - ENG/  Tarek Nour of Juzur Development

Tarek Nour holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah, besides a Master’s in Business Administration. In addition to being experienced across the Gulf region, which includes the United Arabic Emirates, Qatar, and also KSA. Eng-Tarek Nour has expertise includes development, and project management, besides strategic planning in the real estate industry. The founding partners have a wealth of diverse experience from various international markets, including MENA, North Africa, Africa in general, Europe, also North America. Their expertise covers a wide range of industries such as air transport services. Besides Airport management, information technology, electronic operating systems, mining, general trading and petrochemicals, and the complex petroleum industries, agriculture, and financial markets, in addition to sports investments.

Advantages of Juzur Development

Juzur Development Company believes that urban development should not be limited only to the physical boundaries of the project. But it has to extend beyond that and have a significant impact. Great and positive impact on the communities, so i seeks to provide all of its  projects with a variety of features and advantages to make them different from the other normal projects, Some of these advantages are the following:

  • Embrace new things through technologies to create exceptional living experiences.
  • Juzur is ensuring lasting value and satisfaction in all aspects.
  • Reduce our environmental impact, and promote responsible development.
  • Providing good investment communities to achieve the greatest financial return.
  • Creates innovative and advanced projects according to international standards.
  • Juzur Development Studying the real estate market in detail before launching.
  • It works on executing projects according to fourth-generation technologies.
  • Working on strengthening its relationship with clients to gain their trust.
  • Deliver its projects on the agreed-upon date without delay for clients.
  • Transparency, integrity, and workmanship are important foundations of the company.

Prominent Projects of Juzur Development

Juzur has a land portfolio includes 3 distinct plots of land designated for residential, hotel, commercial, administrative, besides medical, in addition to the mixed-use projects. And it chose to establish these projects with the highest qualities in all aspects. Starting with the prime locations to put its foundation on, making it easy to its clients to reach anywhere without taking a long time. In addition to choose the suitable land area that will include the different facilities and the variety of the units which is different in spaces and prices. Some of these project are the following:

  • Neo New Cairo Mall.