La Vista Developments

El Patio Town New Cairo Prices from 22,600,000 EGP
5% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 221 m²
El Patio Oro New Cairo Prices from 12,630,000 EGP
15% Down payment 6 Years Installment Space 164
El Patio 5 East El Shorouk Prices from 17,110,000 EGP
20% Down payment 5 Years Installment Space 202
El Patio Casa El Shorouk Prices from 17,070,000 EGP
20% Down payment 5 Years Installment Space 201
El Patio Prime El Shorouk Prices from 17,070,000 EGP
20% Down payment 5 Years Installment Space 201

La Vista Developments

La Vista Developments has been working on itself to prove to itself and the other companies in the same field that it deserves the position it has had. It succeeded in different projects in Egyptian Real Estate in achieving a distinguished position in this field since its foundation in 1991. It has succeeded for more than 30 years in presenting huge and different projects in the most important strategic sites in Egypt. to be in a position among the pioneers of the real estate field.

La Vista Developments succeeded in achieving a huge percentage of sales in all its residential and coastal, as well as investment projects. Which made it gain the trust of many clients by supporting them with more than they dreamed about. The clients' comfort is the priority of La Vista Developments and that is easy to notice through the projects it launched and through what it always thinks about achieving in its upcoming projects.

Goals and features of La Vista Developments

  • Choose strategic locations to lay its projects on.
  • Hire staff with a long experience in the field of engineering construction and real estate.
  • Finish the whole project on time without any time delay for customers.
  • following the international standards in construction and foundation materials.
  • Create a long-term relationship with its clients.
  • Honesty with customers during all stages of the project.
  • Providing all projects with the finest modern styles.
  • Providing all its different projects with the latest technologies.
  • Keeping pace with international development to ensure comfort.
  • Studying the market before starting any project to meet customers' needs.
  • Provide all its projects with different and the most important services, besides the entertainment activities.
  • Support all projects with packages of spaces, in addition to affordable prices.
  • All its units have perfect payment plans with the best installment system.

Vision and Mission of La Vista Developments

  • To be such an inspiration to its clients.
  • Raise the quality of the real estate market in Egypt.
  • Meeting the high expectations, in addition to the needs of the Egyptian real estate market.
  • Commitment to the short, in addition to long-term business plan it promised.
  • Improve and achieve all the high expectations of customers.
  • Using the best qualities, also a standard in the interior and exterior.
  • Provide clients with competitive prices and different spaces.
  • Achieve the largest return on investment in the Egyptian real estate sectors.

Prominent projects of La Vista Developments

La Vista Developments Residential projects

  • New Capital La Vista City Compound.
  • El Sherouk City.
  • El Patio El Sherouk City 4, as well as El Patio El Sherouk City 5.
  • El Patio 5 East Shrok.
  • El Patio Casa El Sherouk.
  • El Patio Prime El Sherouk is located in El Patio Prime El Sherouk.

New Cairo

  • El Patio New Cairo Compound (1-2-3-7)
  • El Patio Oro New Cairo, also La Vista New Cairo.
  • Sheikh Zayed City, in addition to El Patio 6 El Sheikh Zayed.
  • El Patio Zahraa Compound.
  • D Line Mall Sheikh Zayed.

La Vista Developments Coastal Projects

  • North Coast.
  • La Vista Cascada North Coast.
  • La Vista Bay North Coast.
  • La Vista Bay East North Coast Resort.
  • La Vista Sol North Coast.
  • La Vista Ras El Hekma.

Ain Sokhna.

  • La Vista (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) tourist in Ain Sokhna, also La Vista Topaz Ain Sokhna.
  • La Vista Gardens Ain Sokhna, in addition to La Vista Ray Ain Sokhna.