Land Mark Sabbour Development

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Landmark Sabbour Development-LMD

Land Mark Sabbour Development-LMD is the largest leading real estate entity present on Egyptian lands, as one of the branches of Sabbour Real Estate Investment Companies, which has strong experience in the field since it was established in 2007 by senior pioneers such as engineer Ahmed Sabbour, as a result of the mother company’s experiences extending for more than Since its founding, the company has been distinguished by its commitment to a mission aimed at building sustainable, prosperous communities that guarantee the best future for its customers and all Egyptian society, which expresses its strength in innovation over time, not only in residential but also in investment and coastal businesses in many areas in the world.

The company also began its journey with the goal of its projects exceeding expectations to meet its primary goal of the comfort and satisfaction of its customers over time. Therefore, the company made all its efforts to set its business apart from the rest and paid attention to the smallest details to fully ensure that it kept pace with global urban development while following international quality standards and also using the latest methods of living with designs. It captivates the eyes and the keenness at all stages to preserve the environment from pollution and the effort to transform the concept of traditional life into sustainable communities.

Members of the Board of Directors of LMD

  • Engineer Ahmed Sabbour: The driving catalyst behind the continued growth of Sabbour Companies, who holds the position of CEO, partner, and also the founder of the famous Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company with an authorized capital of 500 Million EGP.
  • Engineer/ Amr Sultan: Founder and also CEO of the company with more than 27 years of management experience in the field of real estate. His track record of success also includes managing the leading company Al Ahly Real Estate Development during his work as Executive Vice President of project Al Ahly Sabbour Group, which resulted in more than 57 A projects in various fields on an area of ​​12 million m².
  • Dr. Tamer Erfan: He has global experience in the international real estate market with a specialization in investment. His development also enabled him to obtain a doctorate in economic investment, which made him enrich the company with his pioneering knowledge in the field from the Executive Real Estate Development Program courses in the State of Singapore and also real estate evaluation in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim: Financial Director of Landmark Sabbour Development Company with more than 22 years of experience in the field. He also heads the financing functions of different real estate companies across different asset classes.

Features of Land Mark Sabbour Development

  • Its relationship with its clients is characterized by integrity and long-term commitment.
  • Choose strategic destinations that facilitate transportation and ensure the highest return.
  • Integration of projects with various needs, as follows a detailed study.
  • LMD has a higher goal, customer comfort.
  • Choosing the finest materials in construction and also balancing them with prices.
  • Delivering projects on contracted dates without delay.
  • Introducing innovative concepts to the urban market and ensuring international standards.
  • Land Mark Sabbour Development builds sustainable communities.

Prominent Projects of Land Mark Sabbour Development-LMD

Local projects

  • Stei8ht New Cairo.
  • Zoya North Coast Resort.
  • New Cairo State Stei8ht New Cairo.
  • Aria Mostakbal City.
  • Layan New Cairo Layan New Cairo.
  • W Residences Cairo.
  • East Side New Cairo.
  • One Ninety Street New Cairo.
  • Cairo Design District New Cairo.
  • Three Sixty Golden Square New Cairo.

International projects of Land Mark Sabbour

  • Marina Continental Tower in UAE.
  • Rukan is a residential land in Dubai, UAE.
  • 91 Muntaner Residential Barcelona Muntaner 91.
  • Major projects on Greek soon.