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M Squared Company

M Squared company was established in 2012, and since that time it has been leading the Egyptian real estate field and it's one of its leading companies. It is famous for its customer-focused view of integrated living, where quality speaks about the extent of the prosperity of the communities it inaugurated. It is also part of the prestigious Intro company. Since its foundation in 1980 and has benefited from its extensive and in-depth experience in many fields such as oil and gas, specialized engineering, financial investment, and also atmospheric gases. In addition to agricultural development and, more recently, real estate, which has achieved unprecedented success and huge sales rates, customer confidence in the company is greatly demonstrated

M Squared builds a strong infrastructure as it has a long history of experience in real estate investment and development. M Squared also aims to launch projects that appear bold in the eye to stand out by expertly transforming spaces into a daydream. The vision is the intersection between realism and utopia (the utopia), which gives communities complete freedom to be in spaces with ingenious thinking that is in line with the goals of the current government. In the field of real estate. In addition to that, the company seeks to transcend borders. By expanding on a large scale throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt. Through famous residential and commercial developments that will change the face of real estate forever.

Values of M Squared Company

The company has different values that are meant to it as strict rules, to provide its projects with top-rated qualities in all aspects. Besides working on clients' satisfaction through depending on their long experience in the real estate industry. Some of these values are the following:

  • Deliver the projects on time without any delay to customers
  • Providing after-sales services to investors and owners.
  • Help and ensure the ongoing satisfaction of its clients.
  • Keen to add many facilities for each project.
  • Support its different projects with the best payment plans.
  • Provide clients with long-term installments without benefits.
  • Removing any obstacles facing the customer
  • The company is also keen to establish the best and most luxurious designs
  • Works on all customers' satisfaction with the presence of the best finishes and decorations.
  • Choosing prime locations to lay its foundation on.
  • Cooperating with professional engineers to benefit from their experience.
  • Choose a huge area for its different projects.

Prominent Projects of M Squared

All this success comes due to the wise leadership that leads this huge edifice, headed by Mr. Mustafa Abu Al-Futouh. Which seeks to create residential communities in modern ways to suit the development of the times and takes the field of real estate investment to another level. Modern concepts create new patterns in housing that meet all the needs of all members of the Egyptian family. Customer satisfaction is the biggest and first priority for M Squared. And this easy to notice through the different projects, For Example:

  •  Trio Gardens New Cairo Compound
  • The Annex
  • Masyaf Ras AlHekma Resort
  • Darna Medical Center