Manaj Developments

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Manaj Developments

Manaj Developments is a pioneer in the Egyptian construction market with unique, international works for decades. By benefiting from the wealth of its staff who possess countless experience in the field of construction. Which helped it rise to the top of the field very quickly by adhering to a solid strategy based on trust. Commitment to providing the highest quality has resulted in exceptional properties that meet various market needs while contributing the best successful images for the advancement of society, which places the comfort of its customers as its primary driver for continuity. The company has also been distinguished by having the confidence of the market due to its positive impact on society, supported by its unprecedented formulation of exceptional properties.

Strategy of Manaj Developments

Manaj Developments has major urban works on Egyptian lands, which extends into the building and construction industry for years of dedication. To build structures but also to enhance the legacy of unity and cohesion in the communities it founded, as it symbolizes its unwavering commitment. It is shaken by building not only buildings but the essence of harmonious life, which ensures honoring its history with craftsmanship and quality, as well as an ongoing mission to build a harmonious future through its countless experiences in construction, which resulted in more than 80 diverse projects. construction.

The company was also distinguished by its strong vision, which follows a wealth of experience acquired over years in the field of construction. Also, the company is giving opportunities and adopting a rapid strategic shift towards real estate development. This comes based on a foundation of trust for years and clear quality in the smallest details. which made its vision. To become a leading player in the real estate sector by providing exceptional properties that meet all diverse needs.

The company's mission is also to benefit from its extensive experience in the field of construction to formulate all aspects of life. Including residential and commercial mixed-use projects that not only meet the highest standards of quality and design but also enhance the well-being of the people who own them. This comes as a result of a commitment to achieving excellence through careful planning and credibility.

Board of Directors of Manaj Development Company

  • Engineer/ Abdel Moneim Ghita

He is the working mind that enhances the speed of innovation and integration between all aspects of the development of the company’s projects. And he began his journey full of achievements in 2013 through his journey in the field of construction. He also began his path by implementing ambitious government projects. Formulating large-scale works complete with the means of Luxurious comfort is all characterized.

  • Engineer/Mohamed Hussein

It is the mentality responsible for accelerating the pace of quality, complying with international standards, and ensuring careful supervision. In 2013, he began his career in the construction industry. Where he delved deeply into methodologies and understanding of international construction standards. He also played a major role in developing more than 80 projects in the sector. Construction by taking on the prestigious task of supervising the quality of large-scale endeavors.

Values ​​and Objectives of Manaj Developments

  • The company's belief in leadership through empathy and understanding.
  • Commitment to the highest quality in all aspects of residential and commercial projects.
  • Paying attention to building using the highest quality building materials.
  • Choosing the finest contemporary designs for its projects that are consistent with the interior finishes.
  • Conducting business through honesty and complete transparency over the long term.
  • Manaj Developments builds a long-term relationship of trust with its clients.
  • Ensuring building strong communities that increase the bonds of friends and family that last a lifetime.
  • Full commitment to delivery according to the contracted date without any delay.
  • Putting customer comfort first in the long run.
  • Manaj Developments builds environmentally friendly communities.
  • The ideal choice of locations for its projects and ensures its presence in the most strategic destinations.
  • Establishing its projects with the greatest integration and also carefully.
  •  Owning an endless list of expert cadres in the real estate field.
  • A detailed study of the market before starting any stage to provide all the market needs.
  • Providing sustainable communities whose goal is the best future for its residents.

Prominent projects of Manaj Development

  • Holm Residence New Cairo Compound.