Marakez Developments

District 5 New Cairo Prices from 9,593,000 EGP
10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 74

Marakez Developments Company

Marakez Developments is one of the leading developers, as well as it is one of the companies of Fawaz Al-Hokair Group in 1989, when the brothers Fawaz and Salman, as well as Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al-Hokair, founded two stores for men’s clothing, and its achievements reached the point where it now owns a diversified portfolio. From investments ranging from construction and financial services to healthcare and hospitality, as well as real estate development, energy, and also fashion, the group’s fashion retail sector extends to 16 countries, where it operates more than 2,100 stores and represents more than 80 international brands.

The real estate sector of the Fawaz Al Hokair Group currently manages a network of 17 shopping centers and more than 1.6 million square meters of luxury retail properties. The group is considered the largest retail developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the largest retail developers in the Middle East. The group expanded its business operations beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia and invested in the retail and real estate sectors. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to the United States of America and Central Asia.

Vision and Mission of Marakez Developments

Marakez Developments has a different vision, that aims to envision and build mixed-use developments that represent the heart and soul of the communities it serves, which has made it embark on a mission to become the primary choice for mixed-use developers not only Egyptian lands but also throughout the entire region, making it change the concepts of Investment and its transformation from its traditional forms to compete with full force and right with international markets and make its clients feel the different all the time.

Also, because the company puts comfort, satisfaction, and meeting all the needs of its customers in the first place, it has been keen to follow international markets regularly to transfer all the global expertise of its work while making its projects stand out from the rest, that attracts all attention and makes it the most distinguished and successful ownership destination in the entire region. All of these projects are also characterized by the company’s complete integrity. It is providing the highest quality and transparency during the various stages of launch. Which makes it gain the trust of all its customers without any impurities.

Features and Objectives of Marakez Developments

  • Reliability in delivery dates.
  • Transparency and integrity in the various stages of construction.
  • Introducing unprecedented concepts to their projects.
  • Ensuring that projects integrate all requirements.
  • Careful selection of project locations and contemporary designs.
  • Taking care to balance high quality and ideal prices.
  • Studying longing carefully and making every effort to meet the needs of its customers.

Prominent projects of Marakez Developments

In addition, since Mall of Arabia Cairo was launched in December 2010, the group has invested extensively in the areas of retail development and fashion retail in Egypt. Based on the group’s positive outlook for the Egyptian economy, as of September 2015, Fawaz Al Hokair Group has assembled a new team of Egyptian professionals. Young, besides innovative people with long experience have the task of building the largest mixed-use development. Also management company in the Egyptian Republic under the name Market Developments. The new vision will witness the establishment of this new local company affiliated with the Fawaz Al Hokair Group. With a focus on redeveloping and developing the Mall of Arabia, in addition to launching new shopping centers. And also residential projects and chains of restaurants and entertainment throughout the country, For Example:

  • Ramla North Coast.
  • AEON Sheikh Zayed.
  • District 5 Residences New Cairo.
  • Mall of Arabia 6 October Mall of Arabia 6 October The strongest work of Marakez Real Estate Development Company.
  • DBM Mall New Cairo Mall DBM New Cairo.
  • Tanta Mall.
  • Mansoura Mall.
  • Town Center Salam.