Memaar Al Ashraaf

Hope New Cairo Prices from 3,900,000 EGP
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Memaar Al Ashraaf Company 

Memaar Al Ashraaf Company Foundation was in 1980, and since this time it has achieved amazing success. Due to its keenness to give the residential and investment projects unique and best qualities in all aspects.  Providing the Egyptian communities with the latest advanced levels. As well as gain that leading and prestigious position with all its long experience.

Memaar Al Ashraaf Company also comes with a capital value, of nearly 100 million. Besides gaining a huge range of clients with high levels of trust. Due to its features, it provided to all of its projects, starting with the construction of all stages. From the small details of the design, the location choice, also in the land area it lays its foundation. In addition to the keenness to build a long-term relationship with clients that is characterized by transparency and credibility.

Vision and Mission of Memaar Al Ashraaf Company

The vision and mission of Memaar Al Ashraaf Company is to provide the best value to its clients with quality and adhering to international standards and specifications. This is done in all of its different projects, the residential, administrative, also commercial. By using the latest technology in 4G to establish smart cities. The company is building today with tomorrow’s thinking to reach a leadership position among the important real estate development companies.

Memaar Al Ashraaf’s Companies

  • Al Amal, which worked on building Al Amal Mall on the 10th of Ramadan.
  • Al-Diaa and its most prominent works include Al-Diaa Mall in the distinguished district of 6th of October City.
  • Al-Masaieed Readymade Clothes Factory in 10 of Ramadan City.
  • Many commercial and administrative malls, like the Al-Ashraf Mall on North 90th Street in New Cairo.
  • Al-Ashraf Mall in Hammam Al-Talat in the Al-Azhar area, and the Al-Ashraf Mall in El Ataba.
  • Launched by Memaar Al-Ashraf Group in New Capital, which established the “Bodia” project, a commercial, administrative, beside the medical tower in the New Capital.

Prominent Projects of Memaar Al Ashraaf Company

Memaar Al Ashraaf Company succeeded in establishing many projects for different fields. Such as commercial and residential, which will guarantee you distinguished housing. As well as it chose to locate these projects in the most strategic sites on the Egyptian lands. To make it easy for owners and visitors to reach anywhere without taking a long time. Memaar Al Ashraaf Company also keen to revive Many places, like, Abbasiya and El Ataba, towards innovation in modern areas such as Nasr City and 10th of Ramadan City. Besides The Fifth Settlement, the Obour City. Providing all these areas with the highest qualities in all aspects, so its clients can benefit from all the advantages it supports them without facing any financial problems, as the affordable prices and the economical payment plans. some of these projects are the following:

  • Hope New Cairo Compound
  • La Vie mini El-Rehab compound.
  • She La Vie in Northern Narcissus.
  • Beit Al Watan Fifth Settlement.
  • It also presented the Alpha Compound.
  • Hexa Compound.
  • The Core New Cairo.
  • Karama New Obour Mall.
  • Freedom Mall.
  • Al Diyaa Mall.
  • Millennium Mall Fifth District.