New Plan Developments

Amara Residence New Cairo Prices from 7,500,000 EGP
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New Plan Developments

New Plan Developments has been one of the most trusted and recognized real estate developers in the Arab Republic of Egypt since its foundation in 1983. It also is easy to notice its goals, which it isn’t simply to build properties. The company strives to shape communities where people love to live, besides work in all aspects. It is seeking to build communities that become homes full of life and everything they love. Because home isn’t just a place, the company is looking forward to making it more than a feeling. That’s what New Plan Developments promised to deliver to its clients every day through its hard work in all of its projects.

CEO of New Plan Developments Words

  • Eng/ Waleed Khalil

Engineer Waleed Khalil the CEO of New Plan Developments said valuable words about his beloved company. Envisioning Modern Lifestyles in the Heart of the New Capital In the height of Egypt’s current breakthroughs in real estate development. We look forward to providing wholesome communities that cater to a variety of needs.
It is his pleasure to announce that they finally became able to keep pace with the current market trends as we maintain a steady in the real estate sector in the world.
With the launch of Serrano New Capital  Compound, in addition to the variety of milestone projects. New Plan can uniquely set itself apart as a model for excellent amenities, founded exclusively to build future generations, through boosting innovative living solutions.

Vision and Mission of New Plan Developments

The company's mission was to provide all of its outstanding services, besides the facilities it presented to its clients through all of its different projects. In addition to its expertise in the real estate market, it made it easy for it to build innovative living solutions to achieve optimal client satisfaction through every service and element it adds to each project. The company is dedicated to delivering high standards in all aspects to make the performance of the urban development community better. So, New Plan Developments were deemed necessary to fulfill the needs of the Egyptian real estate market.

Advantages and Goals of New Plan Developments

  • Providing its projects at the best prices and also the longest installment periods.
  • A detailed study of the market to meet all customer needs.
  • Its projects integrate various customer needs and follow the latest standards.
  • Ensuring the introduction of innovative concepts to the Egyptian urban market.
  • Puts the comfort of its customers first.
  • Providing the highest international safety standards to ensure the reassurance of its customers.
  • Its projects follow international construction standards and also the finest modern designs.
  • Building a long-term relationship with customers characterized by complete credibility.

Prominent Projects of New Plan Developments

New Plan Development is a company that has a huge number of projects in different areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt. What made it establish this number of projects is the trust of its clients who believe in the company because it makes their dreams on the ground a reality. Some of these projects are the following:

  • Amara Residence New Cairo.
  • Atika New Capital.
  •  Talah New Capital.
  • Serrano New Capital.
  • Eleven Mall New Capital.
  • Tonino Lamborghini New.
  • Eclat Residence Portsaid