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Samco Holding has been known for being one of the biggest development companies in the Egyptian Real Estate Sector. The company has also a good reputation and a long history full of achievements in the field of investments since its foundation in 1994. smaco Holding worked in different industries, as well as energy, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. It has implemented more than 20 projects in cooperation with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority of Egypt and also more than 50 projects with the private sector. Samco Holding is also known as a company that has many achievements and has also gained a lot of experience in the real estate field. The company always works on studying the real estate market in detail and with high accuracy.

All these projects are based on the appropriate areas and customer needs as well. Engineer Saddam Al-Sayed said that the real estate market in the Arab Republic of Egypt is capable of attracting huge investments, by pointing out many of the large Arab investments that have chosen Egypt, in addition to the great support that investment receives from the Egyptian government, and also motivating investors through some Investment incentives available to local and foreign investors. So, the company, SAMCO HOLDING has a huge number of  Investment. In addition to providing these different projects with amounts for about approximately 15 billion Egyptian pounds. Samco joined the biggest engineering and solutions exhibitions international event in Jeddah KSA in March 2019. To be one of the biggest contractors in the roads and bridge field and as a supplier of bearings and expansion joints in MENA  was a very successful event.

Visions And Mission of SMCO HOLDING

  • Using materials with the highest standards of materials.
  • Choosing prime locations to lay the foundations of each project it establishes.
  • Retaining, developing, also attracting the best in committed construction leadership.
  • Positioning the staff as one of the main players in all those sectors.
  • Take care of staff safety, in addition to clients' safety and privacy.
  • Takes part as a means of boosting its competitiveness.
  • Meeting the needs of our clients by presenting different portfolios.
  • Works on supporting its clients with projects with innovating.
  • Support its projects with the highest standards of technologies to keep pace with the world.
  • Improve quality, safety, and reliability standards in all of its service offers.
  • Deliver projects on time without any delay to make clients satisfied in all aspects.
  • Working on expanding the current client base through a permanent commercial effort.

Values of SAMCO HOLDING Company

  • Strength

Yeh company is a solid partner for its clients based on integrity, as well as its track record for delivering results and the backing of an Egyptian industry leader.

  •  Performance

Deliver projects on time like what they promised their clients.

  • Passion

Take Care of everything they do, especially their staff, their safety, and developments, in addition to the client's customers, and their success.

  • Development

Working hard to make everything possible and easy, besides being sustainable.

Prominent projects of SAMCO HOLDING

  • Revali Compound New Cairo.
  • The Wave 6 October.