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Saudi American Group Company

Saudi American Group for Investment and Development, or as it is known for S.A.G. INVESTMENT. Is one of the most Professional, and diversified, besides being a comprehensive company in the real estate field. Through what we can notice in its whole projects it introduced to its clients. Besides through the group of services, it added to these different projects in different countries. Saudi American Company is an investment company among the USA, KSA, moreover,  the Egyptian companies. It supports a solid base of financial, and accumulated expertise among its founders contributing to continuous success and growth in all of its projects.

Egypt represents the ideal model for the appropriate and supportive state for all investment fields in the real estate major. Especially in the investment measures carried out by the State now as well as in the direction of the state towards more encouraging measures for investment shortly. The company is always working on following Egypt in terms of the interest of the group. Which is the western gateway to the African continent, as well as it is the treasure of the future for the world. In addition to having expertise in the United States and Saudi Arabia, S.A.G. INVESTMENT is in the process of developing an ambitious strategy for the future of real estate in Egypt to keep pace with the global real estate market.

Vision and Mission of Saudi American Group

The company is always working on making itself look different from any other developer company. Through many elements in its visions that it looks forward to achieving in all of its different projects. SAG for Investment and Development Company finds all the tools you’ll need to create advanced websites in one place. Stop wasting time searching for chances that don't suit you. The company has also the intuition to strive to innovate and create when it comes to functionality. To be the best, come and join the ride of the successful journey of the Saudi American Group.

Prominent projects of the Saudi American Group - SAG

The Saudi American Group Company has great experience in the field of real estate in the Middle East. As well as the company has a pioneering and brilliant name among the major competing companies in the field of urban development and construction. This has made it obtain a large segment of customers with a high percentage of trust because it is implementing many projects in Various vital spots in the Arab Republic of Egypt to put customers close to the most important roads and vital places. So they won't have to waste their time driving instead of enjoying the place they own. Some of these important projects of the Saudi American Company are the following:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Beit Taleb Abha City.
  • Municipal Waste Incineration Bel-Ahmar.
  • Model School.

United States of America

  • Saint Stephen USA.
  • Saint Stephen Ana Carolina.
  • Ridgewood USA.
  • Qualia Sahara.
  • Las Lomas USA.
  • Heritage Dental Offices USA.
  • Dunning in.
  • Belleza at Cresta Bella 550 units.

The Arab Republic of Egypt

  • Cresta Bella Hills.
  • Alca New Cairo Compound.