Sky AD Developments

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Sky AD Developments

Sky AD Developments is one of the pioneers of real estate in the Egyptian market and MENA. As well as it owns many different projects with well-known names among the other Egyptian real estate investment and development companies. In addition, it has more than 20 years of experience since its foundation. It worked on implementing more than 17 projects with approximately 15,000 residential units. It has many businesses, clubs, and schools in the Emirates for investment, with sales rates that exceed the limits and a large percentage of clients. The company is also keen to provide all services in its projects to increase customer comfort, which is its biggest and first goal.  It is also considered one of the largest real estate companies in the Arab world.

Sky AD Developments is an Emirati Diamond Group company that owns the project. Owned by Sheikh Saleh Mohammed bin Nasra Al-Omari, the former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. It is under the supervision of AL Massa Group, a well-known developer of local commercial and industrial companies. In addition to having a strong portfolio in the United Arab Emirates, Diamond Group’s portfolio of companies is also distinguished. With a variety of models of residential units and recreational facilities that include schools, commercial complexes, and clubs. It also provided several hospitals, and residential and commercial projects extending from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. Sky AD Development launched the developments of its operations in Egypt. Especially choosing one of the prime locations like the New Administrative Capital City in 2021.

Members of the Board of Directors of Sky AD Developments

  • Mr. Mustafa Salah El-Din

The CCO of SKY AD. Developments for the commercial sector at Sky AD in Egypt in 2019. This success is due to his extensive experience of up to 21 years in the field of marketing and sales. He has obtained many certificates in the UAE, Spain, France, Italy, and other countries.

  • Engineer/Abdul Rahman Ajami

CEO of Diamond Group and SKY AD Developments is known for his great experience in several different fields, including planning and business management. His experience amounts to more than 24 years. He also graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, from the Department of Civil Engineering, with a very good cumulative grade. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah in UAE.

  • Mr. Saleh Muhammad Bin Nasra Al-Amiri

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Diamond Group and SKY AD Mohammed Bin Nasra Al Ameri is the owner of Al Massa Group and a well-known economist. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of many real estate companies, including Al-Shorfa, Al-Ishraq, and the Golden Group.

Saleh held many diplomatic positions, most notably the former ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Qatar. He also founded the UAE Embassy in Sweden in 2004 and served as the UAE Consul in London in 1998, and the UAE Representative in Geneva. He also worked in a group of companies, including transportation, contracting, and networks, in the early 1990. In addition to managing the real estate assets that he inherited from his father, he witnessed unprecedented growth under his management and supervision.

This is due to his long experience and exceptional management skills, and he also succeeded in transforming “Diamond” into a leading group in the field of real estate. In addition to a variety of projects and activities, with a total investment volume of $1 billion and a portfolio of more than 17 projects in the UAE.

Vision and Mission of Sky AD Developments

Sky AD Developments has a distinctive vision to reach the top in the field of real estate. Its mission is to work to exceed all our customers’ expectations and raise their standard of living in Egypt. Working to provide the end user with added value beyond their homes, and we can achieve this. Through urban developments and the timely delivery of all our creative, innovative projects. In addition to working to combine distinctive products with thriving, innovative communities so that residents can live an integrated recreational life. Upgrading the Egyptian real estate market by developing unique projects that meet the diverse needs of customers. According to the international standards and specifications. The company has developed into a strong regional developer and a leader in the real estate market.

The company also follows several important rules when dealing with employees and customers to become one of the largest pioneers in this field, For Example:


The main factor in their work is that all employees and third parties must be treated with the same level of respect, regardless of any differences.


Provide superior quality at a high level. Our exceptional quality is what makes us stand out and exceed our customers’ expectations, through construction, design, furnishing, landscaping, and more.


They can always fulfill and fulfill our promises, whether delivery dates, quality, or any additional services.

Prominent projects of Sky AD Developments

  • Group of real estate investments in Danet Abu Dhabi.
  • Residential tower complex located in Rawda Abu Dhabi.
  • Residential complex in Saraya Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • Al Rabie Academy, a school that was pumped 150 million AED.
  • Al Ain Cromwell Hospital, a specialized hospital with 51 equipped rooms for 300 million AED.
  • Rabeeh Secondary School, located on Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.
  • Star Residential, at a value of 500 million AED.
  • Al Ain Ladies Club in the Emirate of Al Ain. The cost of the club is 130 million AED.
  • It announced the implementation of the Ayia Napa Compound in UAE.
  • It also built a women's club in Abu Dhabi worth 150 million AED.
  • Participate in the development and design of the latest projects.
  • Capital Avenue New Administrative Capital project.
  • Sky AD New Capital Compound, Abu Dhabi.