Tameer Developments

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Tameer Developments

Tameer Developments is a leading company in the Egyptian market of construction. Which is inspired by its ancient heritage towards building modern communities. Since its establishment in 1945, as well as it put itself on its ability to communicate with its clients and provide solutions and living facilities that are the dream of all those looking for a sophisticated and modern community. The company is always looking forward to introducing the best features in all of its projects to meet all their needs, even if it is important or just entertainment. It is also privileged to build a future for homes that blends modern sophistication with the spirit of the Arab past through unsophisticated, unprecedented technologies to meet customers' needs.

During the past years, the company has also succeeded in building many distinguished architectural landmarks on Egyptian lands. As well as it has been owned by the Egyptian government since 1954 as the only one that builds houses at affordable prices for many groups. Tameer Developments also succeeded in communicating with three different generations of people. clients to develop real estate in Egyptian lands, and its current goal did not differ significantly from the first day by providing means of living, comfort, and growth to all its clients, as throughout that period its goal was not only to leave a mark in the market, but to always strive to create strong communication links with its clients and to remain in constant contact with all Urban developments.

Vision and Mission of Tameer Developments

For about 66 years, Tameer Developments dealt with 3 different generations of customers and employees who were its main engine. Therefore, it followed the values ​​and morals of society to always be present to suit the various needs, especially of young people, which made it move with a general outlook that seeks. To provide advanced living and home solutions that are practical and loyal to previous generations of its customers by continuing to provide innovative communities.

Tameer Developments Company is also distinguished by having a team of young executives. Who always speak the language of advanced real estate markets and have a passion for meeting what the market specifically needs. Its interest in young cadres has continued by including more than 200 individuals who enjoy dynamic talents that ensure the company’s leadership to the top over the long term. The company has also transferred its expertise. Communication with different generations of its cadres, which ensures the long-term provision of endless experiences and innovative knowledge provided by each individual, which ensures the company’s growth and meeting various market needs with the most advanced images, which ensures that it attracts all customers looking for excellence and comfort all the time.

Members of the Board of Directors of Tameer Developments

  • Mr. Saad Al-Wazzan, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Mr. Wali Doulati, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Mr. Alaa Shukri, Managing Director of Legal and Administrative Affairs.
  • Members of the Board of Directors: Mr. Omar Al-Zumai, CFA, and also Eng. Khaled Al-Alami.
  • Engineer/ Alaa Anwar MBA, Head of Development Sector.
  • Mr. Muhammad Younis, Executive Advisor for Transactions.

Advantages of Tameer Developments

  • Delivery according to the contracted schedule without any delay.
  • Integrity in all stages of project creation.
  • Providing integrated communities that are compatible with various market requirements.
  • Choosing the highest possible quality of construction and choosing the finest designs.
  • Building innovative societies at all stages.
  • Offering projects at the best prices and convenient payment systems.
  • Choosing strategic destinations also ensures ease of transportation and avoids crowding.
  • A detailed study of the community to provide businesses that meet its various needs.

Prominent projects of Tameer Developments

The company has advantages due to its strong history in the field of real estate development and the current developments in the most important strategic areas in Egypt, to continue building for better communities. A future for customers. Some of these projects are the following:

  • Azad New Cairo.
  • Azad Views New Cairo.
  • Azad Walk New Cairo.
  • AZ Homes New Cairo.
  • Diar 6 October (1-2).
  • Urban Business Lane New Cairo.
  • Helnan Palestine Hotel in Alexandria, and also the Orboy Hotel, Aswan.
  • Sheraton Heliopolis Residences.
  • New Maadi Neighborhood.