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Upwyde Developments 

Upwyde is one of the biggest development companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Since its establishment more than 40 years ago. The company succeeded in obtaining a leading position in real estate development in Egypt through the establishment of large projects in strategic locations, through that, it succeeded in its old project, and it also gained great confidence from its customers and managed to obtain a huge percentage of sales through it. the company is also established through collaboration with 6 owners. The position of CEO of Upwyde Development Company, Engineer / Hani Al-Rifai, has experience in architecture and is also an architect consultant who worked on establishing projects A huge and successful investment in the New Capital of Egypt, also New Cairo.

Vision and Missio of Upwyde Company

Upwyde launched different types of projects in different areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt by using its experience in the real estate industry providing exclusively different projects to highlight a completely different experience in commercial, administrative, and residential projects for all tastes of clients.

  • Deliver the units on time without any delay at all in all of its clients.
  • Using the finest interior and exterior designs in the field of Real Estate
  • Use the best materials to resist earthquakes, which is the best technology used in Japan
  • Studies the market in the best possible way before starting to plan the project.
  • Offering a wide variety of unit spaces and prices to meet all investors’ interests.
  • In addition to the diversity of payment and installment systems in the company’s projects
  • Puts customers first, so it provides all methods for their convenience
  • Present in the best locations to make it easier for owners.
  • Providing all important services, recreational and sports activities.
  • Aims to make its projects according to the latest international technologies.
  • Keenness to be one of the best pioneers in the field of real estate development and investment.

Prominent Projects of Upwyde

Upwyde Company has many different projects in different areas in Egypt, as it gained huge success in the field of urban development and gained the trust of many customers. Because of its keenness to execute complete projects starting from the choice of the prime locations of each project, it has to be near many axes and roads for the easiest mobility of owners. Besides the huge land area to could divide it into two parts. To give each part diversity of what it should have. Upwyde provides the smallest part with different types of units, as well as the other part with the biggest spaces for the services. It is easy for owners to find what they are looking for without spending a long time. Some of these projects are the following:

  • IT Business Hub New Cairo project.
  • It also presented Granoy New Cairo Mall.
  • Iguall Mall Cairo.
  • projects in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Tourist walkway project in Sheikh Zayed.
  • White Walk New Cairo.
  • Prk Vie New Cairo.
  • Cinco New Cairo.
  • White Residence New Cairo.
  • Sky Ramp El Sheikh Zayed.