Urban Edge Developments

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Urban Edge Developments

Urban Edge Developments has a different point of view on its projects which it has proven since its inception in 2014. Every project has its different requirements. So that it flexes space each one customized to what the project is executed for. As well as it knows the importance of a diverse mix for a thriving commercial environment, giving its clients a wide range of options. Providing them with all the comfort elements that make them feel at home, whether it is a commercial or a residential project. By choosing a prime location, choosing a huge land area could include different unit types and different spaces, in addition to the affordable prices. adding all these to the payment plan that helps them to pay a low-cost down payment, besides the long period installments without any additional benefits.

 It always works on making its clients comfortable in a healthy environment away from any distractions and pollution. Urban Edge has a slogan that seeks to achieve in all of the projects it executed, as well as for the upcoming projects. delivering more than the value of the projects, even each unit it plans. It also works on presenting units with natural lights, nestled within green spaces, beside the water features to merge all these beauties to give a distinctive view to enjoy a sustainable life.

Vision and Mission of Urban Edge Developments

The company has its different vision which is to be a leading force in shaping the future of urban living. As well as it strives to create developments surrounding and positively impacting different communities. Working on going beyond the edges, as it inspires and transforms the way clients are looking for.

A new mission is about to be achieved by Urban Edge Developments by creating vibrant and sustainable urban developments beyond edges. Seamlessly with the fabric of the neighborhood, enhancing the quality of life for residential and investment projects. Through the finest design, and innovative solutions, besides a commitment To Sustainability.


  • Pushing boundaries, also embracing different and modern technologies. In addition to designing concepts to create exceptional living experiences.


  • Commits to create projects with high quality to ensure lasting value and client satisfaction.


  • Believes in building places full of comfort by adding greenery and water features. To obtain the great environmental impact.


  • Create a vibrant and connected community.

Prominent Projects of Urban Edge Developments Company

Creating urban communities without any boundaries is the future you will get when you deal with Urban Edge Developments. This is easy to observe through its projects. as well as it chooses to make all the possible ways to make its clients satisfied in all aspects, by choosing the perfect locations. Making it easy for its clients to move in and out of each project without spending a long time. Besides laying its foundations on a huge land area it could provide it with all owners are going to need. Facilities and different services that serve them and their visitors. And for the main reason for any project, it provides it with a variety of spaces at affordable prices to make it easy for different financial statuses to own one of these units. Some of these projects are the following:

  • Rubix New Cairo