Urbnlanes Developments

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Urbnlanes Developments

Urbnlanes Developments is considered one of the largest companies present in many fields of design and real estate construction, and it occupies that position not only at the level of the borders of the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt but also in the entire Middle East, especially in the countries of the Arabian Gulf, specifically in the country. Sister Kuwait, which is considered the beginning of its inception, where the company succeeded in participating with a huge volume of investments amounting to about 10 billion Egyptian pounds, of which an amount estimated at 1 billion in the commercial registry. It is also considered the main arm for real estate development affiliated with the major Emeel Abdalla Investments group of companies, as well as First Group a Kuwaiti company with a long history of experience spanning more than 36 years.

Urbnlanes Developments can succeed in inaugurating the largest and most diverse projects in various fields, which it worked to establish with the highest standards and quality in building materials and foundations that would be resistant to all factors of erosion and also earthquakes to withstand the longest possible times while inaugurating them with the finest designs. The international company constantly keeps pace with global development and brings the latest global technologies as part of its plan to establish unique and unprecedented residential communities. This comes from its keenness on the comfort of its customers, which is its biggest goal, and considers it at all stages of establishment, in addition to providing the best competitive prices with payment plans.

Successes of Urbnlanes Developments Company

Urbnlanes Developments is always keen to create exceptional commercial businesses and urban communities to leave a noticeable mark in the real estate field, through its cooperation with the greatest experience in the field of engineering consultations and designs as part of its endeavor to integrate its projects and also to appear with the best-integrated images without any shortcomings, so that it can always stand out. On the throne of this field and occupying a pioneering and prestigious position, it also worked on establishing more than 130 projects in various commercial and administrative fields, including tourism and residential, in all its forms, while achieving an unprecedented sales rate and making it gain a huge segment of customers with high levels of trust.

It was also able to succeed in obtaining three ISO certificates, which made it worthy of being a leader in the field of real estate, not only in the State of Kuwait, where it was founded but also in Egyptian lands and the Middle East, for its unprecedented contribution to building economic institutions at the levels of the two governments and the two countries in Egypt and Kuwait.

Email Abdullah Investment Group

The Engineer / Emil Abdullah Investments Company, which is located in the State of Kuwait, and also under its management are some other companies represented in the following:

  • First Group Company, which is the largest company in the contracting field.
  • It also includes First Ads on its list, which specializes in the field of advertising.
  • In addition to United.
  • It is the largest real estate company in MENA.
  • It also specialized in the construction industry, in addition to the industries feeding that field.
  • It also succeeded in establishing integrated concrete plants, with a fleet of heavy equipment.

Board of Directors of Urbnlanes Developments

  • Mr. Emil Abdullah, who is the Executive Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors.
  • The list also includes Engineer Fadi Abdullah, who holds the position of the company's Board of Directors.
  • And also an engineer / Shadi Abdullah.
  • In addition to Engineer Mina Abdullah.

Management positions in the sisterly State of Kuwait are also held by:

  • Sheikh/ Nael Yaqoub.
  • In addition to Sheikh / Abdullah Al-Kabsi.

Advantages and Objectives of Urbnlanes Developments

  • It has many values ​​and goals that it adheres to and follows, such as a credible relationship with customers.
  • Using the strongest standards in construction and foundations to launch its projects.
  • It is also keen to deliver all its units for any of the projects on the agreed-upon dates without delay.
  • Utilizing the best engineering and design consultancy expertise to present its projects in the most integrated images.
  • Study the market in detail before starting to implement its projects so that it knows the market needs and meets all customer needs.
  • Choosing the finest designs with the most luxurious finishes for all its projects
  • It also uses the latest technologies as part of its plan to establish advanced societies.
  • Making better use of spaces with concerns about aesthetic appearance through green spaces.
  • Providing the best affordable prices and payment systems to facilitate the fulfillment of customers’ dream of ownership.
  • With its keenness to choose the best cadres to work in the company.
  • It has a long history of experience in many fields that help in creating projects
  • Such as the fields of contracting and concrete manufacturing, which saves time in establishing projects.
  • In addition to putting the comfort of its customers first during all stages of establishing its projects.

Prominent Projects of Urbnlanes Developments in Egypt

  • East Lane New Cairo Mall.
  • And also Levels Business Tower New Capital.
  • It also succeeded in establishing 11 projects, including 4 in the Maadi area.
  • 3 administrative buildings in the Sheraton and Mokattam.
  • In addition to 10 projects under implementation, with more than 48 projects completed and ready for delivery, with a total of approximately 58 projects.

Prominent Projects of Urbnlanes Developments in Gulf Countries

  • Aum University which is the largest American university in MENA.
  • Porto Salmya.
  • Prestige Tower
  • Anjazat Tower project
  • Kuwait Finance House Complex and also Dalal Al-Omrani Complex
  • It also launched the Porto Salmiya Resort
  • Grand Sea Tours project
  • Kuwait Car Showroom
  • It was also keen to inaugurate Al Khaled Tower
  • And also the Prime Tower project
  • Hassan Almoubark tower
  • Omniaat Gardens
  • In addition to the inauguration of KFH tower
  • Medical Center complex and also Nora Albassam complex
  • Alothman Compound and Mohemmed Elrashhieddn Compound
  • Middens compound in addition to Fintas compound
  • Also in the medical field, she participated in establishing Alomooma Hospital
  • With the United Buildings project
  • It also launched a huge number of commercial and administrative projects with high-rise towers reaching 44 floors.
  • In addition, there are 13 projects currently under construction.
  • It also succeeded in establishing the most luxurious hotels such as (the Shaza Hotel, Magic Hotel, and Mysh Hotel).