About Moray New Cairo Mall

Moray New Cairo Mall is a new investment project in Cairo, and the developer company, Main Marks, put a lot of effort into this huge project. Starting from the choice of the location that came in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, it was easy for all the owners to get to their destination without wasting their time in the crowds, besides being the place where a lot of customers would like to go. As well, the mall has a lot of elements, including a place where you can find whatever you want without having to get out. In addition to the design using a marble and glaze structure to be weathering resistant, the wide glass openings with luxurious aluminum profiles serve an open, luxurious view 360 degrees. Moreover, the easiest way of paying is through long-term installments without additional benefits to clinics, offices, or shops in Moray New Cairo.

Main Marks Developments is an Emirate that is characterized by its strong momentum to change the concept of the real estate field. Its brand is firmly established as an indelible symbol in the areas where its projects are based, where innovation and elegance converge to redefine the real estate scene as a pioneering force. Main Marks Development is also committed to shaping environments that exceed expectations, and its vision goes beyond structures, so it is about transforming spaces into vibrant communities and business centers. Along with a focus on pioneering architecture and sustainable practices and a passion for pushing expectations and boundaries, the company stands at the forefront of reimagining the way we live. Therefore, Main Marks has a trademark in the field of real estate, which has enabled it to obtain a great position among the other competing companies.

Prominent projects of Main Marks Developments

  • Moray New Cairo Mall

Location of Moray New Cairo Mall

Moray New Cairo Mall Location

The decision to choose the heart of the Fifth Settlement to establish Moray New Cairo was the perfect one. As the developer company, Main Marks chose this site specially for being near Northern 90 Street. To be the destination everyone would like to visit, besides, be easy for the owners to arrive fast without wasting their time. In addition to making it near many direct axes, besides the important roads, For Example:

  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes from the mall.
  • Madinaty is 11 minutes away from Moray New Cairo.
  • Cairo International Airport is 10 minutes from Moray Mall.
  • Family Park is only 1 minute from the compound.
  • Al Rehab City, also the AUC are minutes away from Moray 5th Settlement.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance.
  • Cairo Festival Mall near Moray New Cairo Mall.

Area of Moray New Cairo

Main Marks Developments announced that Moray New Cairo Mall will have a large land area of about 16 acres. To include all the various services and public facilities that come with high-quality technologies. Making it the place where investors and clients will be able to find their needs easily. In addition, they make it the best place where they will find a large segment of units. To start their investments, or for start-up projects’ owners, as there varying spaces and at the most competitive prices. So, each client finds the type of unit with the favorite type and the price that suits his financial status.

Moray New Cairo Mall has a facade of 300 m² on North 90th Street. The building area of ​​the mall is 60,452.16 m², and the commercial area is about 26,498.3 m², as well as the administrative offices are 18,535.40 m². Moray New Cairo has been designed to include 3 floors, with a height of 4 m² for each floor. Besides the ground floor with a height of up to 7 m², where the basement features the availability of public facilities and private parking in the mall.

Designs of Moray Fifth Settlement

Moray New Cairo Mall By Main marks

At the first sign in Moray New Cairo Mall, it is easy to notice the in-detail work the developer company did. Main Marks put the most huge effort it can do to establish a huge project like this. Starting from the choice of the designs of the marble and glaze structure to be weathering resistant, the wide glass openings with luxurious aluminum profiles serve an open luxurious view 360 degree of the building of Moray Fifth Settlement Mall.

Main Marks Developments was keen on applying the style of the UAE real estate to keep up with the international style as well. By adding number of engineers with long experience in this field to make the projects looks in the best way. By using their researcher and experience in every step they take. In addition to adding many fountains to give the units a distinctive view from any unit of Moray Fifth Settlement Mall.

Features and Services of Moray New Cairo

Main Marks Developments made brainstorming with each employee in the company. To could create a new project with the most innovative and creative way. And it could achieved what it dreamed about in Moray New Cairo Mall. Which it has all the elements that will make any investment project successful. Starting from the facilities thus will serve a huge number of owners and their clients, to the  small details of entertainments, For Example:

  • Sensors for work environment utilization.
  • The fire system works 24/7 in Moray Fifth Settlement.
  • Air management, besides temperature management.
  • Mobile app to work with smart facilities.
  • Many meeting rooms, as well as a sound and light system.
  • Wireless services, besides IP telephony, are available in Moray.
  • Main entrance, besides the double-height reception in Moray Mall.
  • 22 escape exits, besides 8 escalators in Moray Mall.
  • A lobby with three elevators has a total height capacity of 42 elevators.
  • Elevators for commercial shops in Moray New Cairo Mall.
  • Function meeting lounge, as well as a preparation area.
  • Employee lounge attached to a wide terrace lounge.
  • Different areas of shops, in addition to different spaces of offices.
  • There are gaming rooms in addition to relaxation rooms.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Moray New Cairo Mall?

  • Offices spaces start form 70 m², priced at 120,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Clinics Spaces start from 70 m², starting price of 120,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Moray New Cairo?

  • Soon, The Developer company will announce for the best payment plan at low-cost down payment. Besides a long term of installments without any additional benefits.

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