About Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound

Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound is the latest residential project by IL Cazar Developments. Where it chose the compound to be in t a prime location in Cairo to make it easy for all residents to move freely without facing any obstacles. In addition to the company’s great keenness to ensure that the compound includes all the residents’ needs. Daily services and public facilities, as well as various entertainment and sporting activities with the latest international technologies. To suit different ages, in addition to the availability of a large package of diverse residential units. Besides the investment units of various spaces and competitive prices, it is easier for clients to choose their favorite unit type that suits their financial status. The developer company designed the compound in a modern style that follows international standards.

IL Cazar Developments is considered one of the most important real estate companies that have a pioneering and well-known name in the Egyptian real estate market among major competing companies. AL Cazar Company is also considered part of the Go Khozam Developments group, which was established in 1960 AD, and therefore it is It has more than 60 years of experience in the field of real estate. The company also changed its name to be a strong international brand to raise a large and prestigious position in the field of real estate. The company’s name is international, inspired by the Great Tsar, and it reflects a bolder leap in launching 3 huge residential and coastal projects in the most important spots in Egypt.

Prominent projects of IL Cazar Developments

  • Creek Town New Cairo.
  • Nord North Coast.
  • Go Heliopolis Compound.

Location of Stoda Residence Sheraton

IL Cazar Developments is always interested in giving its clients the best qualities in all aspects. So it chose one of the prime locations in Cairo to establish Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound. It is easy for all residents to move in and out of the compound without spending a long time in the crows, as the compound is located In Heliopolis, in Sheraton on Suez Road Directly. In addition to being near many vital roads and axes, For Example:

  • Fifth Settlement, minutes away from Studa Residence Heliopolis Compound.
  • Salah Salem Road is only 5 minutes from the compound.
  • The New Capital is close to Stoda Compound from the west.
  • Cairo International Airport is located just 10 minutes from Stoda Residence Compound.
  • October Bridge is 10 minutes away from the compound.

Area of Stoda Residence Sheraton

Stoda Residence Sheraton is one of the biggest compounds, as the developer company chose the land area to be 113 acres. To could divide it into two parts, giving the biggest part to the services and facilities area, also adding the green spaces and water bodies to the same area that surrounds the whole compound to give it a charming view from any direction from any unit in Stoda Residence Sheraton.

The other part with the smallest space is allocated to be for the residential buildings. They are adding to it variety in types, besides the variety in spaces and prices. It is easy for all clients to find their taste without spending a long time searching for the unit that will suit their financial status. IL Cazar Developments add green spaces with diversity in spaces among all the residential buildings to add more privacy and safety to residents.

Designs of Stoda Residence Sheraton

The owner company, Il Cazar Developments developed the latest modern designs for Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound. To appear in the most architectural image that suits people with good taste. The best engineering plans and modern construction strategies that follow international specifications and standards that follow the international standards accordance with the fourth generation technologies. Therefore, a large group of experts and technical staff in the field of engineering consulting were hired to benefit from their experience and to implement the compound most finely.

The residential units were also designed with the best engineering finishes and decorations that are consistent with the exterior facades of the compound. Through using the finest modern building materials that follow engineering laws and rules to be resistant to all erosion factors that may occur. In addition to the design of high-end landscaping, The vast green spaces that intersect with the elegant artificial lakes give all the residential units distinctive views from all directions in Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound.

Features and Services of Stoda Residence Sheraton

In Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound it will be easy to notice all the facilities and services that the developer company, IL Cazar Developments added. That will help residents to meet their needs without being needed to get out of the compound. Besides adding the entertainment and sporting activities to suit different ages, For Example:

  • Many green spaces, besides the water bodies.
  • The fastest Internet services in all the units of Stoda Compound.
  • The most famous restaurants and also coffee shops for different tastes.
  • Electronic gates for more safety in the Stoda Residence Compound.
  • Swimming pools for different ages, as well as private pools for ladies.
  • Extensive garages also car care service.
  • Outdoor areas for BBQs and parties in Stoda Residence Sheraton.
  • Playgrounds for different sports and stadiums.
  • Security team, besides CCTV cameras all day in Stoda.
  • ATMs for different banks in Stoda.
  • Commercial malls, besides the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical center, besides Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Firefighting systems, besides the generators.
  • Easiest transportation, also tracks for the handicapped.
  • Open area or yoga, also relaxation area for quiet reading.
  • Cycling Lanes, also Tracks for walking all over the compound.
  • Highest quality materials in foundations, besides the construction.
  • Kids’ Area provided with the safest games for different ages.
  • Fully equipped Gym, besides the spa services with the highest quality.
  • Cleaning team in addition to another one for maintenance work.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Stoda Residence Sheraton Compound?

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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Stoda Compound?

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