The Lark Residence New Cairo

The Lark Residence New Cairo compound is the project where you can live and enjoy each moment with your family. As well as the developer company also made a huge effort to make its clients satisfied in all aspects. Choosing the prime location, to make it easy for its clients to reach anywhere without facing any crowds while driving. Tamayoz has a strict plan in choosing the land area. As well as it seeks to provide its clients with all they need so it chose a huge land area to divide it into two different parts, giving the large part to the green spaces which include a variety of services and entertainment activities. And for the other part with the small space, is allocated for the building area, including a variety of unit types.

Tamayoz Developments has a great history of more than 40 years in the real estate market in The Arab Republic of Egypt. As well as it is the result of long experience of six businessmen in the real estate industry. Providing a comfortable experience for investors and buyers. Tamayoz Developments Company is proud to be a game changer in the Egyptian real estate market by executing projects with exclusive brands to be a completely different experience of shopping for retail. In addition to the  commercial, administrative, and residential projects.

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Location of The Lark Residence New Cairo Compound

Location of The Lark residence New cairo

The Lark New Compound has one of the most special location in the Fifth Settlement. As well as the compound is located in the heart of the vital area and is characterized by its being near main roads, schools, universities, hospitals, in addition to the commercial centers. Tamayoz Developments chose this prime location to make residents enjoy easy access to many destinations of Cairo and the Fifth Settlement. As well as you can get to any destination without taking a long time, as it is located near the following:

  • Al Ahly Sporting Club in a short distance from the compound.
  • Al Jazeera club also near The Lark Residence New Cairo.
  • Police club comes in a short distance from the project.
  • Bin Zayed Axis is close to the project.
  • Middle Ring Road a few minutes away from The Lark Residence.
  • Suez RD, also North 90 Road are near The Lark 5th Settlement.
  • Mountain View icity New Cairo
  • Palm hills New Cairo

Area of The Lark Residence New Cairo

The Lark 5th Settlement Compound total area is ​​25 acres, as well as the developer company works on providing wide and diverse spaces for residential units. Design of the compound aims to provide a comfortable and modern environment for owners. The compound has a modern and elegant architectural design. In addition to the presence of green spaces and water bodies to add more beauty and elegance to the whole area. It also was carefully designed to meet residents’ needs and provide a comfortable and luxurious environment. By allocating for the residential units 17 building, as each building includes ground floor + 4 typical floors.

Tamayoz presented The Lark Residence New Cairo on a huge land area. To provide all basic services and basic facilities through allocating a commercial area facade 550 m. Which comes with high-quality technologies, besides the various entertainment activities to meet the daily needs of all residents and their families. In addition to offering a large segment of diverse residential units that are distinguished by their different spaces, also with the affordable prices. Making it easy for all customers to choose their favorite unit type.

Designs of The Lark Residance 5th Settlement

The Lark Residence Fifth Settlement has different unit types. Which is designed with the best engineering decorations and high-end finishing, to harmony with the exterior decorations of the compound. As well as the best materials for construction work, making it resistant to all natural factors that may harm the buildings. In addition to the design of wide green spaces, which spread with sparkling artificial lakes. Giving special view from any direction in The Lark Residence Fifth Settlement.

The Developer Company put all its expertise in executing The Lark Residence New Cairo Compound. Making in looks unique, as well as the company made great efforts to present to its clients the latest architectural designs. which is according to the latest technologies to keep pace with modern urban development. it also cooperated with the best engineers and modern construction strategies who always follow international specifications and standards. To be suitable for all clients’ tastes, that were made by a large group of famous engineers. Including famous names as the following:

  • Hafez consultants
  • Pure Landscape
  • Etqan consultancy
  • Concord construction
  • Infra Electromechanical

Features and Services of The Lark Residence New Cairo

The developer company Tamayoz Developments has its different vision in choosing the best facilities that make its clients live comfort life all the time. So that it allocated a huge land area to be the most favorite place for different tastes with different ages. As well as there are variety for the different services to be easy for the owners to meet their needs without getting out of The Lark Residence New Cairo. In addition to adding various entertainment activities, so the rest of the family can practice their hobbies easily. Some of these facilities are the following:

  • Large green spaces and vast landscapes, in addition to the water bodies.
  • There are also colorful and moving water fountain in the compound.
  • Private pools for ladies, also different sizes for different ages.
  • Malls including the most famous brands for shopping.
  • Sports and social club that provides sports fields for practicing all kinds of activities.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Management System, also team for cleaning.
  • Sauna services, besides a Jacuzzi, in addition to a spa in The Lark.
  • Parking area, also car care services to serve the residents.
  • There are also places to meditate, read and breathe the fresh air.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, besides the surveillance cameras.
  • The Compound also includes clinics and medical centers with all specialties.
  • Pharmacy with all medical supplies, besides delivery service.
  • Kids Area is secured with a number of entertainment games.
  • Padel court to spend special times with friends on The Lark Residence New Cairo.
  • Graffiti area, Skating area also Streaming area to be your children’s’ favorite place.
  • Tracks for running, walking and cycling lanes, besides the quiet areas for yoga.
  • The compound also provides nurseries and international
  • Private gardens for events, in addition to barbecues equipment. 

What Are The Prices and Spaces of The Lark Residence New Cairo?

  • Studio space starts from 65 m².
  • Residential Apartment spaces start from 95 m².
  • Prices are starting from 43,200 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of The Lark Residence?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 8 Years Equally.

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