Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

At East Mostakbal City Prices from 12,240,000 EGP
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Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments Company is one of the largest real estate Egyptian lands, and it succeeded very quickly in assuming a prominent position among the rest of the companies through its distinguished projects that met with amazing and unprecedented successes that made it worthy of sitting on the throne of the field for decades. It has succeeded in attracting customers with its unique projects so that they choose it as their destination, which amounted to about 62 major projects with a total of 26,000 units serving a total of 38,000 families.

These projects are available in a variety and across a countless number of developments, including residential and retail buildings. As well as offices, tourist destinations, and social and sports clubs, through their approach that focuses on customers and their comfort over time. Through the trust that drives them. Forward, therefore, is keen on continuous development to provide improved, high-quality solutions that live up to a level of trust, which has made it achieve percentages of large sales that have exceeded limits and made it worthy of the leading position in which it exists.

History of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments currently stands as a leading real estate developer with a file of +57 projects throughout the Egyptian Republic. Over the years, the company’s projects have covered a wide geographical area with all types of commercial, residential, and tourism projects, and in every single project managed by the company, It is also keen to provide customers with absolute luxury, superior quality, and the highest level of comfort while maintaining the highest environmental standards. It also has a slogan, which is “We do not only build homes, but we build homes that provide warmth and satisfaction while maintaining the highest environmental standards,” through which quality and uniqueness are implemented. It gains confidence in all its projects.

In 1994, engineer Hussein Sabour had the vision of establishing one of the first engineering consulting companies. In addition to merging it to become the most powerful and empowering, it was established as a joint-stock company under Egyptian Law No. 159 of 1981 AD, and in 1998 AD it was completed. The partnership with the National Bank of Egypt is long-term, as the shares were distributed in a ratio of 60:40 between the Sabbour family, which owns the largest share, and the National Bank, and this comes from a standpoint of dedication and involvement.

Facilities and Advantages of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

The projects of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments Company have been distinguished throughout and have met with unprecedented successes. This has made it unique from other companies and quickly sits on the throne of the real estate field with all due respect, this comes because it possesses a long history of advantages and goals that it pursues and is committed to. Which helped it strongly during all stages of establishing its projects, like the following:

  • The company aims to dedicate itself to achieving long-term relationships.
  • Building relationships based on transparency and mutual trust with customers.
  • Commitment to principles and values ​​over time.
  • It works to choose the locations of its projects very carefully.
  • Ensuring to provide all development methods in its projects.
  • Taking care of the environment by building with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Works on giving its clients all the safety, so it provides the strongest security measures.
  • Keen to deliver its units on the contracted dates without any delay.
  • Offering its projects at the most competitive prices and also with the longest payment systems to remove any obstacle in front of its customers.
  • Choose the finest contemporary designs that are compatible with the most luxurious interior finishes.
  • Provides for the aesthetic aspect, it also includes a landscape with picturesque trees and flowers.
  • It always places customer comfort at the top of its priorities through all stages of establishment.
  • In addition to using the highest quality materials in foundation work and infrastructure.
  • Detailed studies before starting to plan any project to provide all customer requirements.
  • Aim to move residential communities on Egyptian lands to another unprecedented level of cosmopolitanism.

Prominent Projects of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments has succeeded in establishing the largest projects in various construction fields, starting with commercial. Which have factors that guarantee a large investment return for the owners, in addition to luxury compounds that provide customers with unprecedented residential experiences of their kind. The strategy that will make it easier for you to reach it without obstacles. some of these projects are the following:

  • The City of Odyssia Mostakbal City.
  • Lavenir Mostakbal City.
  • Green Square Mostakbal City.
  • Rare New Cairo Compound.
  • The Square New Cairo.
  • Grand Residence New Cairo.
  • Lyan in New Cairo.
  • Katameya Hills.
  • The Ridge Mostakbal City.
  • Katameya Residence Fifth District.
  • Platinum Club Fifth District.
  • Dara Gardens Six of October City.
  • Keeva 6 October.
  • In addition to establishing Arkadia Mall.

Important Resorts of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Sabbour Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company AL Ahly Sabbour Developments was keen to provide a package of the best tourist resorts located on the most important charming views of either the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea with their enchanting colors to the eyes. Which gives a feeling of enjoyment over time, and is also integrated with all the methods that make you want to stay there. Throughout the year, the company’s distinguished coastal projects, For Example:

  • Amwaj North Coast Village.
  • Gaia North Coast Resort.
  • Piacera North coast.
  • Some hotels in Sharm EL Sheikh.