About At East Mostakbal City Compound

The new meaning of the specialty was added in the latest residential project of Al Ahly Sabbour Developments. It chose one of the best locations in the heart of El Mostakbal City to Execute At East Mostakbal City Compound. Choosing one of the largest land areas could make it in two parts. The first part with the largest spaces will be for the facilities and the services to meet clients’ needs, as well as adding entertainment activities for their families to enjoy their time in the compound. The smallest space is for residential buildings with different spaces at affordable prices. Adding to all these advantages the perfect payment plan with a low cost down payment and the long-term installments without benefits.

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments is one of the largest real estate companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the entire Middle East, as the company has a great position and a leading and shining name among major competing real estate companies, and it also obtained large halls of clients with high percentages of Trust due to the residential and coastal projects it provides in various vital areas of the Republic. Sabbour Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company was established in 1994 AD and is a partnership between the National Bank of Egypt with an estimated percentage of about 40% and the remaining 60% for the Sabbour family. Therefore, the company has become one of the pioneers The Egyptian real estate market has achieved high success rates that exceeded all customer expectations.

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  • The Ridge Mostakbal City.
  • Lavenir Mostaqbal City.
  • Green Square Mostaqbal City.

Location of At East Mostakbal City Compound

Choosing the compound of At East Mostakbal City to be in the heart of El Mostakbal City was a good choice by the developer company, Al Ahly Sabbour Developments. It will be easy for the residents to go wherever they want without facing any traffic jams, in addition to being near many direct axes and the most important roads, For Example:

  • Suez Road is located just 5 minutes from At East Mostakbal Compound.
  • The New Administrative Capital is about 10 minutes away from the compound.
  • Madinaty is located just 5 minutes from At East Mostakbal City.
  • The Middle Ring Road is a few minutes away from the compound.
  • The Canadian University is located directly in front of At East Compound.
  • The Olympic Village is located a short distance from the compound.

Area of ​​At East Mostakbal City Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments announced for At East Mostakbal City Compound, which will be on a huge land area. This was due to the owner company’s keenness to provide all the daily needs of people of different age groups, represented by service areas and recreational activities, in addition to the various public facilities that come with high technologies. Quality, in addition to the availability of large packages of various residential units that come in varying sizes and are also offered at the best competitive prices so that every customer finds the type of unit that suits his financial capabilities.

Therefore, At East Mostakbal City Compound was built on a plot of land with an area of ​​approximately 181 acres, where the smallest part of the total area was allocated to the buildings containing a variety of independent villas, townhouse units, and twin houses of varying sizes and at competitive prices. The part was also allocated to The largest of the total area for service areas, public facilities, and various recreational activities, in addition to the picturesque natural views by the presence of wide green spaces that work to spread with artificial lakes to combine these colors and give a distinctive view to all units.

Designs of East Al Ahly Sabbour

The developer company has always been keen on developing the latest modern designs that suit various tastes to implement the At East Mostakbal City compound in the European style. The compound follows international technologies that keep pace with modern urban development by international principles. Where the best engineering plans and high-end construction strategies have been developed according to specifications. International standards, and therefore a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering in the compound.

Designing the residential buildings with the best engineering decoration works and high-end finishes to be consistent with the compound’s external facades. By using the finest building materials for construction and building works to be resistant to natural disasters. In addition to designing picturesque landscapes, including the wide green spaces that spread. Sparkling artificial lakes combine these colors and give a distinctive look to all units in At East Mostakbal City Compound.

Features and Services of At East Mostakbal City Compound

There are many different methods to follow to make the clients more than satisfied. Especially by adding many different facilities and the most basic services. To make it easy for everyone to find their needs without having to get out of East Mostakbal City Compound. In addition to adding many different activities and sporting facilities for all ages and both genders, For Example:

  • A children’s entertainment area with all the games.
  • Places that include many different restaurants and cafes in It East Compound.
  • A large track for running and walking, and you can also ride bicycles.
  • The hypermarket provides all local and imported food products.
  • A commercial mall that includes many stores of the most famous international brands.
  • Swimming pools vary in shape and size and are suitable for all ages.
  • An area for barbecue parties, also with all equipment.
  • Wide green spaces spread with sparkling artificial lakes.
  • The clubhouse with the latest technology, and there is a jacuzzi and a sauna.
  • The gym provides all sports equipment with a group of trainers.
  • A garage that can accommodate many cars and with the highest possible degree.
  • Highly trained security and guard personnel who work around the clock.
  • Surveillance cameras come with the latest technology 24/7.
  • Maintenance workers to repair public facilities in the compound when they malfunction.
  • A cleaning team also works throughout the day in At East Mostakbal City.

What Are the Prices and Spaces of At East Mostakbal City Compound?

  • Townhouse spaces start from 160 m² with starting price of 12,240,000 EGP.
  • Twin House space start from 180 m² with starting price of 14,580,000 EGP.
  • Villa spaces start from 220 m², price Starting at 25,000,000 EGP.

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What Are The Prices and Spaces of At East Mostakbal City Compound?

  • 5% Down Payment with Installments Over 9 Years Equally.

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