Concrete Development

C Yard New Cairo Prices from 98,000 EGP
10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 32

Concrete Development

Concrete Development puts on its shoulders huge effort into making all of its projects look perfect in all the best ways. Through providing its clients and its projects with the best qualities it could gain through the past 25 years of experience in the real estate field. Which are easy to notice in the prime locations it always chooses for all of its residential and commercial projects. Making it easy for all of its clients to arrive wherever they want without spending a long time in the traffic and between cars, instead of enjoying their lifetime in one of the units of Concrete Development. The company also has a good eye for choosing the best land areas it could choose to provide these projects with the finest units with its different spaces. So different clients' tastes will meet their needs. In addition to supporting these units with affordable prices.

Vision and Mission of Concrete Development

  • Concrete Development Keen to thoroughly study Egyptian real estate.
  • Provide real estate products of real value to customers, in addition to the Egyptian economy.
  • Delivery of the projects' units on time without any delay
  • Work as one team, also consolidating the values ​​of cooperation, creativity, and loyalty among staff.

Advantages and Features of Concrete Development Company

Concrete Company has had great experience in the Egyptian market since its foundation. It also works on providing many features and goals that it follows with every project it launches to make its clients enjoy their time in all of its projects. Through adding some of the services and advantages, For Example:

  • Creating a different and civilized architectural style.
  • Developing the latest designs and also the best engineering decorations.
  • Keen to cooperate with a large group of experts and engineers.
  • Establishing the best engineering standards and standards for every work you carry out.
  • Concrete aims to build innovative and creative urban communities.
  • It is keen to provide packages of units of varying spaces and also at the best competitive prices.
  • Always interested in developing payment methods with the lowest down payment.
  • Study the Egyptian real estate market in detail before starting any project.
  • Always choose to work with transparency, credibility, and integrity with its clients.
  • Its constant commitment to innovation, quality, ingenuity, and excellence.
  • Concrete works to strengthen its relationship with customers to gain their trust in it.

Previous projects of Concrete Development Company

Concrete Development Company is looking forward to making all of its clients feel comfortable while he is in their unit, and also during their journey to their destination. By choosing the best locations to make it easy for him to arrive easily.  Besides choosing land areas with large spaces could support its clients with a variety of units and different spaces so they will meet their needs easily. In addition to giving them the ability to enjoy their time through the different services and the enjoyment of entertainment activities in each project it establishes, For Example:

  • Projects in Beit El Watan and New Nargees.
  • Andalusia and also in the Qronfol neighborhood.
  • Lotus and narcissus.
  • C Yard New Cairo Mall.