About C Yard New Cairo Mall

C Yard New Cairo has been launched as the most innovative and creative Mall for being in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. Where it will be near many different roads and direct axes, so the owners and their customers will be able to arrive anywhere easily. Besides being established on a huge land area, where the developer company, Concrete Development will be able to provide its clients with a variety of unit types for all fields. By establishing clinics, offices, and shops in different spaces and at the most affordable prices. In addition to the most economical payment plans, all social classes will be able to pay a low-cost down payment with a long period of installments without any annual benefits.

Concrete Development is one of the pioneers in the urban field in the Republic due to its innovative real estate concepts and its provision of exceptional solutions according to the latest technological standards. It is keen to not only provide a residential or commercial unit but rather provide cohesive communities based on sustainable systems that integrate with various needs, thus achieving the most successful future. Distinguished for its customers, which puts their comfort as the goal of continuing to continue its projects, which made the company keen to keep pace with the latest international standards in construction, which was reflected in making it the first destination for ownership for those looking for a feeling of excellence over time, while gaining the trust of the greatest amount of customers because of its integrity and commitment.

Prominent projects of Concrete Development

  • Projects in Beit el Wattan and El Narjes.
  • Al Qorounfol and El Andalus.

Location of C Yard New Cairo

Where C yard New Cairo Mall Is Located

Choosing a location is one of the important aspects of any project, especially for investment projects. That’s why the developer company, Concrete Development chose the heart of the Fifth Settlement to lay its foundations on, especially in the 4k plot of The Entertainment District of Banafsaj. That means it will be easy for the owners and their clients to get to C Yard New Cairo Mall through the most important roads and axes, For Example:

  • Middle Ring Road is a short distance from C Yard Settlement Mall.
  • Suez Road is only a few minutes away from the mall.
  • Cairo International Airport is located minutes away from Seayard Mall.
  • The northern 90th is approaching C Yard New Cairo.
  • The Mohamed Naguib axis is also approaching Abdel Hamid Al-Sahar.
  • Madinaty and also located near Al-Rehab.
  • Near The American University, also close to GUC.
  • Cairo Festival Mall is minutes away from C Yard Settlement.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance from the mall.

Area of C Yard New Cairo Mall

Concrete Development and Real Estate Company presented the Seaward Mall, New Cairo, on a large land area. This was due to the owner company’s keenness to meet all the different needs of customers and investors. All basic services and various public facilities were available, which are distinguished by their high quality. In addition to offering a large segment of Various investment units that come in many spaces and also at the best competitive prices so that each client can find the type of unit that suits his financial capabilities.

C Yard Settlement Mall was implemented on a plot of land with an area of ​​approximately 1,920 m². The mall consists of a ground floor + plus 3 typical floors. Where a large portion of the space was allocated to the buildings that include all the various investment units. Including the shops that It is located on the ground and first floors, and the administrative offices on the second and third floors are for medical clinics. They come in varying spaces, also offered at the best competitive prices. In addition to the availability of all the various services and facilities that work. To meet the needs of different customers and are distinguished by their high quality within the C Yard New Cairo.

Designs of C Yard Mall – Concrete Development

What are the prices and Spaces of C Yard New Cairo Mall

Concrete Development put the latest modern designs for the implementation of C Yard New Cairo Mall, with international technologies that keep pace with modern urban development according to the fourth generation. Therefore, the best engineering plans and high-end construction strategies follow international specifications and standards. So that the mall appears in an innovative architectural image that suits various tastes. This was done as a result of cooperation with a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering consulting. Including Archrete to design the building and implement the engineering plans, in addition to Brain 2 Fact to manage and operate the mall.

All investment units have the best engineering finishes and high-end decoration works that are consistent with the mall’s exterior areas. The finest building materials for construction follow international principles and standards to be resistant to all erosion factors that may happen. In addition to the design of the wide green spaces that serve To spread in all directions to give a distinctive view from the various units of C Yard New Cairo Mall.

Features and Services of C Yard New Cairo

C Yard New Cairo is the mall where all clients are going to find the best chance to own the investment unit that suits their career. For having a variety of facilities, besides the basic services, in addition to the different activities to be the place where all clients would like to visit. Some of these facilities are the following:

  • Professional security team, besides the Cameras for safety.
  • More than ATM for each Bank making it easier for customers.
  • Co-working Spaces, besides the fastest free internet.
  • Mosques for men and women in C Yard Mall.
  • Area for Restaurants and also cafes in C Yard New Cairo.
  • Electronic gates for more security in C Yard Fifth Settlement Mall.
  • Many garages, besides car care service.
  • A view of green spaces surrounding the whole area.
  • Pharmacies working 24/7, besides the delivery service.
  • Firefighting systems to detect any fumes in C Yard Fifth Settlement.
  • More than a panoramic entrance in the mall.
  • All services are provided with 4G technology.
  • Central Air conditioning, also elevators.
  • Glass against shocks, also resistant to noise.
  • Rest rooms for ladies, also for men.
  • Outdoor areas to work beside nature view.
  • Cleaning teams, in addition to teams for maintenance.
  • Highest quality materials in foundations.
  • Easy transportation, besides tracks for the handicapped.
  • Meeting rooms provided by sound and light systems.
  • Reception area for visitors to guide them in the mall.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of C Yard New Cairo?

  • Shops with spaces starting from 40 m² with a starting price of 125,000 EGP Per meter.
  • Offices spaces starting from 35 m², priced at 98,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Clinics with space start from 32 m², also priced at 4,320,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of C Yard Mall?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years Equally.

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