Cornerstone Development

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Cornerstone Development

Cornerstone Development Company has become one of the largest real estate lately among competitors. But rather successfully penetrated the strongest international markets with many projects in all areas of construction. During which it revolutionized the traditional forms of construction and moved with it an endless list of clients who trust it to the highest levels. International ranks, since the company was established more than 30 years ago, has been keen on continuous innovation while providing integrated communities that increase community communication with unprecedented global standards and a modern touch with unique quality that brings you the best residential future and investments guaranteed to succeed.

Strategy of Cornerstone Development

Since its founding, Cornerstone Development Company has been looking forward to providing exceptional experiences to its customers with the best value and highest quality to achieve its dream of building communities that are not limited to housing or investment only, but whose goal is to unite society, and this comes through unique designs and the introduction Smart technology with the highest levels of comfort and space that ensures you can always enjoy the penetration of nature.

This unique approach is also inspiring for clients to provide foreign experiences that are integrated and in line with Egyptian culture. This resulted in the combination of multiple spaces and facilities belonging to the latest international systems. With community activities.

Members of the Board of Directors of Cornerstone Development

  • Mr. Ashraf Boulos, CEO

It is known that luxury is not only about what you have, but about how you feel, and so in the form of employing every space that we create, we focus on the smallest details, both large and small, that will raise the level of daily life and also enrich its value.

  • Mr. Murad Shenouda, Chief Operating Officer

The secret of our success depends on the creativity, integrity, and talents of our employees, and that perfection is what we strive for as it is the only standard worth working for.

  • Mr. Shahir Mina.
  • Mr. Majdi Al-Gosaibi.
  • Engineer/ Riyad Riyad.
  • Mr. Ahmed Hosni.

Partners of Cornerstone Development

  • Amir Fayo Brand Architect

The founder created creative concepts and launched many product categories and brands that contributed to creating value for the consumer as well as the business. He also had extensive experience in the fields of international fashion, retail trade, and hospitality. In addition to banking services, real estate, transportation services, luxury goods, foodstuffs, and even the fields of technology, media, and entertainment.

  • Studio Five Cairo Dubai Architecture

The foundation of the company was by five architects who share a passion for design with the ultimate goal of leaving an indelible mark on the world of design by creating unprecedented concepts and experiences with its range of services that include architecture, interior design, and also consulting, which resulted in obtaining. Many awards are the result of countless projects in Houston, London, Dubai, and also Riyadh. The expansion of its offices in Dubai, Houston, and Texas, in addition to the main headquarters in Cairo.

  • Yba Yasser Al Beltagy Architects

Yasser El-Beltagy Architects (YBA) was established in 1995 in Cairo under the leadership of the founder and chief architect, Eng. Yasser El-Beltagy. YBA is a leading multidisciplinary design firm covering a wide range of works and services such as architectural and urban architecture, in addition to landscape and interior design. Over the years, the company has worked on more than 1,200 projects across continents, making it a comprehensive institution providing unique architectural services.

Facilities and Advantages of Cornerstone Development

  • The company is keen to create community outreach in its work.
  • Introducing the latest international standards in the most precise stages of its projects.
  • Taking care to combine global development with Egyptian culture.
  • Delivery on the contracted dates without any delay.
  • Choosing the best strategic destinations and thus ensuring ease of movement for its customers.
  • Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company maintains the environment in all its projects.
  • Unique innovation in the most precise construction stages of its projects.
  • Choose modern designs and leave a charming mark that makes you feel always sophisticated.
  • Construction using the highest quality construction, resistant to weather factors and earthquakes.
  • Allocating charming natural spaces that help you enjoy always.
  • Transparency and full long-term commitment to customers.
  • Study the market also ensures that all the needs of its customers.

Prominent projects of Cornerstone Development

  • Red Mostakbal City Compound.
  • The Curve New Capital Compound.
  • The Terraces Mall New Capital.