El Baron Developments

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EL Baron Developments

EL Baron Developments started its first project in early 1980 in Nasr City, where it accommodated more than 3,000 families, which led to our expansion in New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital. From the beginning, we were keen to establish the ideals of credibility, honesty, and professionalism in our projects. The company constructed its first building in the late 1970s in Nasr City, followed by our projects in New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital.

EL Baron Developments enjoys a good reputation and a leading and shining name among the major competing real estate companies, as a result of the huge projects it owns in various vital areas in the Republic. Arab Egypt, in addition to having a large customer base with high levels of trust, due to the advanced and innovative projects it offers with high-quality technologies. since its foundation in 1980 by engineer Hazem Zarif. The company could gain the result of continuous success for more than 40 years until this time.

Values of EL Baron Developments Company

  • The company cares about people's needs and wants because that is the only way they can succeed.
  • Passion, commitment, and passion for results, as well as complete alignment
  • Excellence its employees are encouraged to solve great challenges, and set measurable and actionable goals.
  • Insisting on the highest standards so we constantly.
  • Pushes its team to provide high-quality products, services, and processes.

Advantages of El Baron Developments

  • Aims to build advanced and innovative urban communities.
  • The company is keen to build high-value residential and investment communities.
  • Creating a sophisticated architectural style for all its clients.
  • It is characterized by studying the Egyptian real estate market in detail before launching any project.
  • Creating societies with the best global technologies and international methods.
  • Developing the latest architectural designs and also the best engineering decoration works.
  • The company is interested in hiring a large group of experts and engineers in the field of consulting.
  • Transparency, credibility, and integrity are among the company's most important core values.
  • Strives to provide the highest quality methods.
  • Its keen interest in building more luxurious and innovative projects.
  • Quality, creativity, and innovation are among the most important principles.
  • Provide packages of units at the best prices and spaces.
  • Supporting its clients with a range of payment plans.
  • The company aims to provide all services and recreational activities to all customers.
  • Working on creating a long-term relationship of trust between itself and all of its valued clients.
  • Deliver all units on the agreed-upon date without delay.

Prominent Projects of El Baron Developments

El Baron Developments is one of the largest pioneers in the Egyptian real estate market in the field of real estate, as it has a good reputation and a leading name among major competing companies, which has enabled it to rise to a large and prestigious position because it works to provide huge investment and residential projects in various vital areas, as the company has a portfolio Huge lands in the most important strategic locations in the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be close to important roads and vital places through which access is easy for all customers without taking long distances. Some of these successful projects are the following:

  • Vigor New Capital.
  • Greya Compound New Cairo.
  • Sky Complex Nasr City.
  • Zeya Residence New Cairo Compound.