Emaar Misr

Mivida New Cairo Compound Prices from 7,658,888 EGP
5% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 152
Uptown Cairo Prices from 7,893,888 EGP
5% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 115

Emaar Misr

Emaar Misr worths to be the leader of the real estate market by providing residential, commercial, and coastal works at an unprecedented global level. Ensuring its customers’ feelings of distinction and complete satisfaction. Its achievements were not limited to the local level only, but rather left a unique imprint in many international countries, and this extends to Excellence since its foundation in 1997.  As well as it is the supporter of the parent company in the United Arab Emirates. That achieved a remarkable transformation in the real estate map.

The company is also distinguished throughout its journey by an integrated list of characteristics to enhance customers’ confidence in it, whether at the local or global level. All of these characteristics revolve around customer comfort, which is the company’s priority, which has made it present, over the long term, projects that create a shift from traditional methods to the highest international ranks under the title of luxury and sophistication. With the highest quality in all environmentally friendly construction stages to provide healthy communities suitable for all family members.

Emaar Misr journey

The company's primary motivation is the confidence of its shareholders and their support in the journey of shaping the city and building the largest commercial center in the world. In addition to establishing the most high-level international hotels, which ensured its expansion into international markets. Which ensured the construction of Dubai as an exceptional city and made the company the best companies in the world. Emaar Misr Developments has a board of directors with endless experience and wise leadership, the most important of which are:

  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Abbar

Who founded this unique entity and who stated in his message that the company has succeeded in establishing a strong shift and exceptional, unprecedented results in the lands of the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Emirate of Dubai in the year 2013, which made it host the Expo 2020 with all due respect among more than 160 countries, and is also distinguished by redefining the sector. This is what made it the best role model around the world, and this comes with the help of the vision of His Highness Sheikh / Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and also Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, that one cannot discover new oceans if one lacks courage.

The company also seeks to benefit from Fast-growing opportunities to ensure the achievement of its strategy of building smart cities for the best future and creating tremendous value for its shareholders and also the economy, which was reflected in its winning major awards such as:

  • FLASLA Award in the field of international planning and analysis for Uptown Cairo Compound in 2014.
  • Cityscape Real Estate Awards: Honoring the entertainment and tourism project of Marassi Village in 2014.
  • Golden Cluster Design Award: for the best international site plan for Mivida Compound in 2015.

Responsibilities of Emaar Misr

The achievements of Emaar Misr Developments continued by providing a vital role in participating in Egyptian society to ensure its advancement at all levels. Which has cooperation protocol with the Long Live Misr Fund, which made it donate about 10 million pounds to it with the medical sector in addition to providing vaccines. Covid-19 worth 140 million pounds to preserve the health of citizens. As well as it came at the forefront of its concerns for society, besides making it participate in delivering paper waste for the recycling process.

It was also keen to provide humanitarian and social assistance to poor and deprived groups through the Beyout al-Khair project. That comes in cooperation with the Misr al-Khair Foundation, and deliver the second phase of the Beyout al-Khair project to deserving families at a cost of 40 million pounds. In addition to a project to build residential homes to meet the housing needs in the region. As for Ali In the field of work, it has worked to give craftsmen opportunities. To display their artistic works while improving the capabilities of workers in various fields of retail sales in the Republic. In addition to the Itqan Employment Program in Manshiyet Nasser as an initiative. To improve employment opportunities in the Nasser region.

Achievements of Emaar Misr

Its achievements continued in various other directions, which aimed to provide the highest quality health care and an equal education system while strengthening the local economy. Providing food supplies to about 100,000 individuals during the holy month of Ramadan. With the celebration of the annual Orphan Day in Manshiyet Nasser, in addition to organizing and sponsoring the Dream Challenge competition and implementing the program. Sponsorship to support orphans and enhance their standard of living. In addition to distributing thousands of blankets to the most needy families.

Features and objectives of Emaar Misr

  • Its projects are integrated with the latest international standards.
  • Providing the best quality in the various stages of creating its projects.
  • Deliver the work on time without any delay.
  • Commitment to a long-term relationship with its customers.
  • Study the market in detail to meet all market needs.
  • Continuous innovation to provide everything that is new and distinguishes its customers.
  • Hiring  cadres with the strongest experience in the field.
  • An ideal choice of location to ensure customer comfort and business success.
  • Taking care of the environment and establishing its communities to be free of pollution.
  • Continuously keeping pace with international standards in the engineering field and designs.

Prominent Projects of Emaar Misr

  • Uptown Cairo
  • Mivida New Cairo.
  • Belle Vie New Zayed.
  • Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed.
  • Marassi North Coast Village.