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Enwan Developments Company

Enwan Developments has more than 10 years of experience in the Egyptian real estate market. Reflected projects with high quality, which presented high-end investment experience. The company is also one of the largest real estate companies in the Egyptian sector, as it has great experience in many investment and residential projects. It has been provided in different places, which has enabled it to have a huge segment of clients with high levels of trust.

Vision and Mission of Enwan Developments

Enwan Developments is the company that has provided the best excellence to its customers with our valuable projects. The company also has its different mission, which is. To work to achieve customer satisfaction through the value provided to them based on innovative and modern methods by international standards.

Through Using the latest internationally ways while using the latest international technologies in the different services and projects provided. As well as developing the Egyptian real estate market in distinctive ways based on the experiences in the Egyptian and international real estate sector.

Values ​​of Enwan Developments

  • Respect is the relationship between Address Real Estate Development Company and its employees.
  • It is also based on a strong foundation of mutual respect, which is mainly reflected in the work environment and its achievements.
  • Quality The company is interested in achieving professional excellence by the highest international standards.
  • Customer satisfaction is its first goal, so we aim to use all our resources and energy to go beyond satisfying our customers.
  • Commitment to consolidate the idea of ​​commitment towards our customers through precision in the quality standards.
  • Honesty and Integrity We always strive to build a strong relationship with our customers characterized by honesty, transparency in addition to integrity.
  • Innovation and development We work with all our energy to achieve the company's goal with the best possible quality Seeks to be at the forefront and leadership in the Egyptian, besides the global real estate market.
  • Working in the spirit of one team is the origin and foundation from the point of view of the company.

Services and features of Enwan Developments

  • Developing and building tourism, residential, as well as investment projects.
  • Property and facilities management for all our projects and all their facilities after delivery.
  • Enwan developments is the sole owner and executor of all its projects.
  • It has extensive international experience in the field of real estate development.
  • It also the heavy equipment sector, which increases professionalism in the field of construction.
  • Strong past history with innovative architectural designs in its different projects.
  • The company has international standards in construction to reach the highest rate of safety and quality in projects.

Prominent projects of Enwan Developments

The company has been known since its foundation for its different projects, through developing different types of projects. Those are have one of the best locations, besides the biggest land areas of lands, so it could include it with all the unit types so all clients can find their favorite unit without spending along time searching. Some of these projects are the following:

  • Oxygen Tower New Capital.
  • Life Tower New Capital.
  • Pixel Technology Plaza New Capital.
  • Maraya Plaza New Cairo.