About Maraya Plaza New Cairo

Enwan Developments could make its clients’ dreams come true by developing Maraya Plaza New Cairo Mall, by choosing one of the most premium locations in the heart of the Fifth Settlement where the owners can get to wherever they want without spending a long time in the crowds, besides being the most attractive destination for customers, so they won’t be waste their time driving to get to anywhere, as the mall is located near many axes and roads. The developer company also has one of the best land areas that could make it easy for it to have a variety of unit types such as commercial shops, and administrative offices, besides clinics. All these and more were added to the most affordable prices, so you can pay the lowest down payment besides the longest term of installments.

Enwan Developments made a huge effort to become one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in the Arab Republic of Egypt, by providing the best excellence to our customers with our valuable projects. Our mission is also to work to achieve customer satisfaction through the value provided to them based on innovative and modern methods by international principles. Enwan developments could make this through the interconnection and harmony of development using the latest internationally recognized building methods while using the latest international technologies in the various services and projects provided, in addition to developing the Egyptian real estate market in distinctive ways based on our experiences in the Egyptian and international real estate field through the use of the best cadres in the Egyptian market.

Prominent projects of Enwan Developments

  • Oxygen Tower New Capital.
  • Life Tower New Capital.
  • Pixel Technology Plaza New Capital.

Location of Maraya Plaza New Cairo Mall

Maraya Plaza New Cairo is an investment project by the developer company, Enwan developments. That could choose one of the most prime locations in the Egypt. To could lay its foundation on where it located in the heart of tge Fifth Settlement, to be near many different axes and direct roads, For Example:

  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes from the mall.
  • Madinaty is 11 minutes away from Mayraya.
  • Beit Al Watan is located behind Maraya Plaza Mall, New Cairo.
  • The Dusit Hotel is also located next to Al Suwaidi Company.
  • Lake View Compound New Cairo is close to the mall.
  • Jumia is minutes away from the mall.
  • The Ring Road is only a few minutes away from the mall.
  • Narges is a short distance from Maraya Plaza Mall.
  • The Police Academy is located near the mall.
  • Cairo Festival City is a short distance from Maraya Plaza Mall.

Area of Maraya Plaza New Cairo

Enwan Developments introduced Maraya Plaza New Cairo Mall on a large plot of land, and this was to meet all the different needs of customers and investors. All the basic services and public facilities were available, which are distinguished by their highest quality. In addition to the availability of a large segment of the various investment units that come With varying spaces and are also offered at the best competitive prices, so that each customer can choose the type of unit he wishes to own within Maraya Plaza New Cairo.

Maraya Plaza was established on a large land area so the mall consists of a ground floor + 6 typical floors. Shops start from the ground floor to the first floor, while administrative offices and medical clinics are on the second floor until the sixth and final floor. The units come in different spaces and at special prices so that each client can find what suits his financial ability, in addition to the availability of part of the space to provide all basic services and various public facilities that are characterized by their high quality and superior technologies.

Designs of Plaza 5th Settlement

Prices and Spaces of Maraya Plaza New Cairo

Address Development and Real Estate Investment Company has developed the latest modern designs that follow fourth-generation technologies to keep pace with modern urban development, so that Maraya Plaza New Cairo Mall, will be designed in an innovative architectural way that suits various tastes. By developing the best engineering plans and important foundations that follow international specifications and standards. The mall has different designs with the latest technologies and advanced architectural styles.

The interior decorations of the investment units were also designed with the best finishes and engineering decoration works that are compatible with the exterior facades of the mall. Through using the finest building materials for construction and building works to be resistant to all erosion factors that are likely to happen. Maraya Plaza New Cairo has a direct view of nature and the main streets do the owners can enjoy the full view through the glass facades.

Features and Services of Maraya Plaza New Cairo

The developer company, Enwan Developments is always keen on making its clients satisfied in all aspects, so it put its foundations on one of the biggest land areas of the Fifth Settlement. To allocate one of the two parts to be for the facilities and the different types of services. Those serve all owners and their customers. By adding some basic services and entertainment activities, For Example:

  • Professional security team, besides the Cameras for safety.
  • More than ATM for each Bank making it easier for customers.
  • Co-working Spaces, besides the fastest free internet.
  • Mosques for men and women in Maraya Plaza 5th settlement Mall.
  • Area for Restaurants and also cafes.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Maraya Plaza New Cairo.
  • Many garages, besides car care service.
  • A view of green spaces surround the whole area.
  • Pharmacies working 24/7, besides the delivery service.
  • Firefighting systems in Maraya Plaza New Caior.
  • More than a panoramic entrance in Maraya Plaza New Cairo.
  • All services are provided with 4G technology.
  • Central Air conditioning, also elevators.
  • Glass against shocks, also resistant noise.
  • Rest rooms for ladies, also for men in Maraya Plaza.
  • Outdoor areas to work beside nature view.
  • Cleaning teams, in addition to teams for maintenance.
  • Highest quality materials in foundations.
  • Easy transportation, besides tracks for the handicapped.
  • Meeting rooms provided by sound and light systems.
  • Reception area for visitors to guide them.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Maraya Plaza New Cairo?

  • shop space starts from 50 m², with a starting price of 165,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Office spaces start from 35 m² priced at 110,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Clinic spaces start from 35 m², also priced at 110,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Maraya Plaza?

  • 5% Down Payment With Installments Over 7 Year.

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