HDP - Housing and Development Properties

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10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 38
SQ1 New Cairo Prices from 115,000 EGP
10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 70

HDP Housing and Development Properties

HDP Housing and Development Properties has more than forty years of experience as the primary real estate arm for the Housing and Development Bank. The company also leads the way by building an ideal relationship with customers characterized by transparency and credibility by bringing modernity and sustainability to a 360-degree integrated approach. Its goal is to meet the needs of different sectors in the market, which makes the company one of the largest shareholders supporting the urban development station in Egypt

The company was also distinguished by its attention to the smallest details and giving every stage the greatest right, from planning to delivery and operation and introducing innovative concepts in all construction stages, which ensures its residential work sophistication and success in its commercial work, which achieves the highest return on investment for all businessmen, regardless of the field of their project, in addition to constantly keeping up with it. To accelerate in the global construction market and methods, which ensures its exclusivity and acquisition of a huge segment of customers.

Values ​​and Bases of HDP Housing and Development Company

HDP Housing and Development Properties follows an endless list of strong bases and values ​​that help it distinguish its projects from those present in the Egyptian real estate market, the most prominent of which is that they are environmentally friendly and offer projects with a mixture of vast green areas that reach 80% of the area. The total area of ​​each project is to ensure a self-sufficient, environmentally friendly community. It is also constantly keen on innovation, as the company offers a group of smart residential units.

The company's values ​​​​in construction and moving the Egyptian real estate market to the highest international ranks have also continued through its constant keenness to follow the latest international standards in construction and provide all its project services with the latest technologies to help you feel comfortable and completely satisfied, as the company offers a group of smart residential units with international smart technologies through Cooperating with the best suppliers of technical service providers, in addition to its ideal selection of the best strategic locations to make the most of all the new complexes and ensure lasting sophistication.

Partners of HDP Housing and Development Properties

Since the establishment of HDP Housing and Development Properties, it could have cadres with strong and long experience. In addition to contributing strongly to the company gaining a prestigious position at the top of the real estate field, For Example:

  • Mr. Amjad Hassanein, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Mr. Hazem Al-Sharqawi CDO.

The company was also distinguished by its keenness to cooperate with the largest international companies in various fields such as:

  • Consultant company/Yasser El-Beltagy YBA Architects.
  • Botanica Landscapes Company.
  • Hemaya Security Services Company.

Advantages and Features of HDP Housing and Development Properties Company

  • Customer comfort is the company's ultimate goal.
  • Adherence to the delivery schedule without delay.
  • Choosing modern designs, besides choosing the highest quality materials in construction.
  • Its projects operate according to the latest international standards.
  • An in-depth study of the market to ensure that all customer needs are met.
  • Choosing the best spots to make it easier for customers to move around.
  • Offering projects with unique standards, thus ensuring the greatest success of your investment.
  • Offering its projects at the best prices and also the longest convenient payment periods.

Prominent projects of HDP Housing and Development Properties

  • Terrace El Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Terrace Clinics Sheikh Zayed.
  • Tala New Cairo view.
  • Palma New Cairo Palma New Cairo.
  • Talda New Cairo Compound.
  • Le Rois New Cairo Compound.
  • ACACIA New Cairo Compound.