About The Gray New Cairo Mall

Launching The Gray New Cairo Mall is one of the perfect decisions HDP- Housing and Development Properties has made recently. It chose to execute the project on one of the biggest land areas to provide its clients with a variety of unit types. Besides making it easy for them to find the place that suits their business, as well as it supports them with affordable prices. In addition, choosing for it to be built in a prime location in the heart of the fifth settlement. And that’s make it easy for owners and their customers. To get to any destination. Adding all these and more to the affordable payment plan, start booking to benefit from this chance to start your career.

HDP-Housing and Development Properties has more than 40 years of experience in the real estate market, which came through the Housing and Development Bank. It also leads the way by building an ideal relationship with customers characterized by transparency and credibility by bringing modernity and sustainability to an integrated approach. Its goal is to meet the needs of many sectors. Which makes the company one of the largest shareholders supporting the urban development in Egypt. The company takes care of the smallest details and gives every stage the greatest right, from planning to delivery and operation and introducing innovative concepts in all construction stages. Which ensures its residential work sophistication and success in its commercial work, which achieves the highest return on investment for all businessmen, regardless of the field of their project, in addition to constantly keeping up with it.

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Location of The Gray New Cairo

The developer company of The Gray New Cairo Mall, HDP-Housing and Development Properties put huge effort into providing clients with the best qualities in different ways. Starting with the perfect choice of the location of the project, that came in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. It is easy for all owners and their customers to get to any destination they want without spending a long time in crowds. As well as it is located near many different axes and main roads, besides being near the following places:

  • Ahl Masr Hospital is near the mall.
  • The American University of Cairo is close to The Gary New Cairo.
  • Al Ahly Sporting Club is a short distance from The Gran Fifth Settlement.

Total Area of The Gray New Cairo Mall

The Housing and Development Company for Real Estate Development and Development launched The Gray Mall, New Cairo, on a huge land area, and this was to provide a wide range of diverse public services and facilities, as well as various recreational activities that are distinguished by their high quality to meet the needs of all customers and investors, in addition to the availability of a large segment of various investment units that come in varying sizes and are also offered at the best competitive prices so that each client finds the type of unit with the space that suits his financial capabilities.

Therefore, The Gray New Cairo Mall, was implemented on a land area of ​​approximately 7,500 m² and a building area of ​​approximately 30,000 m², with a number of units of approximately 175 investment units, including administrative offices and also medical clinics that come in varying sizes and are offered at the best competitive prices. The mall is also divided. It has 2 basement floors + ground floor, besides 4 upper floors. There is also underground garage parking with a number of spaces reaching 260 spaces. The Gray Mall is also raised above street level by about 10 m² and reaches 18 m².

Designs of The Gray Fifth Settlement Mall

The company is always keen on developing the latest modern designs in order to implement The Gray Mall, New Cairo, in a sophisticated architectural style. The mall follow the international technologies that keep pace with modern urban development and in accordance with fourth generation technologies in order to suit the various tastes of customers. Therefore, the best and high-end engineering plans and construction strategies that follow international specifications and standards, so that the mall appears distinctively, as a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering. To benefit from their previous experiences, the most important of whom were SK Architectural Design.

All investment units have the best engineering decorations and high-end finishing works that are consistent with the external facades of the mall. This was done by using the finest materials for construction work to be resistant to all erosion factors that are likely to occur, in addition to the design of The Gray Mall, New Cairo, with glass facades. So you can enjoy a unique view of the stunning landscape from all directions.

Features and Services of The Gray New Cairo

The variety of facilities and services in The Gray New Cairo are one of the reasons that made the project one of the most remarkable one among the other investment projects. some of these services are the following:

  • Highly trained security and guard personnel who work around the clock.
  • CCTV comes with high-quality technologies 24/7.
  • VRF system, besides a central air conditioning system in the mall.
  • 5G fiber optic system and central satellite.
  • Security system, besides access cards 24/7 in The Gray Fifth Settlement Mall.
  • High-quality glass and aluminum facades.
  • FM 200/sprinklers, besides fire alarm system.
  • 9 electric elevators inside The Gray New Cairo.
  • Co-working spaces and shared facilities in the Mall.
  • Maintenance workers to repair public facilities in the mall.
  • A cleaning team also works throughout the day at The Gray Mall.
  • A children’s entertainment area with all the games.
  • Places that include many restaurants and also various cafes for different tastes.
  • A pharmacy that provides all medications and medical supplies 24/7.
  • A showroom inside The Gray New Cairo.
  • Plaza and there is also a Food Trucks area.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of The Gray New Cairo Mall?

  • Offices space start from 40 m², priced at 159,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Clinics start from 38 m² with starting price of 165,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Bank space start from 260 m², with start from 320,000 EGP Per Meter.
  • Markets spaces start from 2000 m², also priced at 175,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of The Gray?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years Equally without benefits.

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