Hyde Park Developments

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Hyde Park Developments

Hyde Park Developments is a well-known name in the Middle East and Egypt, as it has succeeded in occupying a prominent position among other companies, through which it has witnessed many important and important development operations. unprecedented and prominent in Egypt recently. It also has been founded for more than ten years, specifically in the year 2007. During these few years, Hyde Park was able to maintain a respectable position and a high position among competing companies in the field, and this came by doing what it was able to revolutionize real estate investment and development by establishing Residential complexes at the highest level of sophistication, luxury, and beauty using unique Italian methods of design,

Hyde Park Development Company's projects also achieved many notable successes and a huge percentage of unprecedented sales. Through this it succeeded in obtaining a huge segment of customers with great levels of confidence. By building and constructing in residential areas, and also owns integrated service projects and modern facilities of a distinctive world-class on Egyptian land. Year after year during these nine years, Hyde Park has been able to build an advanced future vision that meets the aspirations and needs of people who seek development and ideal living.

Advantages and Objectives of Hyde Park Development

Hyde Park Development and Real Estate Investment Company has many components and features that place it on the throne of this huge field, as the company has always dreamed of a better and more sustainable future for the Egyptian market, and the company has also been keen since the beginning of its journey in this field to change lifestyles. Traditional and developing communities, as well as providing experiences with modern styles of living. As well as it balances in its projects of the best places to stay and reside, while providing work places and also entertainment and all services with the best international standards that keep pace with modern international development and that would meet all customers’ needs through different ways, as the following:

  • One of the company's biggest concerns is putting customer comfort first.
  • This comes through a detailed study of the market.
  • Providing them efficiently with the important services they need in all projects.
  • Using the best materials in infrastructure and foundations with the latest designs.
  • The company provides innovation, excellence, and quality in its various projects.
  • Balancing between diverse spaces and competitive prices.
  • Creating a distinguished experience in commercial projects.
  • Develop engineering plans and strategies to implement their projects.

Investors of Hyde Park Company

  • Housing and Development Bank.
  • Egyptian Arab Land Bank.
  • Holding Company for Investment and Development.
  • In addition to the New Urban Communities Authority.
  • Al-Tameer Company Development.

Partners of Hyde Park Developments

For Hyde Park Company to strive for continuous excellence, it is keen to provide the best in the various stages of inauguration and finishing. For this reason, it has cooperated with the best architects and consultants, as well as contractors at the local and international levels.

Consultants with whom the company cooperated:

  • Gensler.
  • Cooperated with ECG.
  • Sites International.
  • In addition to Memar Company.
  • I was keen to cooperate with the Mona Hussein consulting office.

Prominent contractors:

  • Hassan Allam Contracting Company.
  • Redcon company.
  • Seeking the help of the well-established Kuwaiti company Kharafi National.
  • Collaborated with Concrete Plus.
  • In addition to Medcom.

Prominent Projects of Hyde Park Development

The company is keen on establishing a great diversity in the types of its projects and the units it offers, such as administrative - commercial - luxury apartments - villas, which come at the best prices and also with payment facilities in order to remove any obstacle in the way of contracting. Its most important projects in the field of Real Estate are located in the following places (the North Coast - the New Administrative Capital, which is considered the most attractive place for investments not only in Egyptian lands but also in the Middle East.

Hyde Park Company works on launching its huge projects in the most important vital spots located on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to make its customers close to the most important places they want and also the main roads that would facilitate their access and increase the return on investment. For clients and the company while ensuring the success of investors’ projects.

The most important projects of Hyde Park

  • Hyde Park North Village.
  • Tawny 6 of October Compound.
  • Hyde Out New Cairo.
  • Business District project.
  • Hyde Park New Cairo Compound.
  • Garden Lakes October.
  • The Residence Hyde Park.