About Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Hyde Park New Cairo Compound is a residential project that has all the advantages, where you can live, work, also enjoy your lifetime with your family. As well as the developer company, Hyde Park Developments made a huge effort to add all the high qualities in different ways. Starting with the choice of the location, which is near many famous places, besides being close to the most vital roads. It is easy for residents to reach any place without wasting their time driving. Besides laying its foundation on a huge land area it could divide it into two different parts, choosing to allocate the largest to the facilities and the beauty of the view that surrounds Hyde Park New Cairo.

Hyde Park Developments could prove that it has the right position among the other developer companies. Through developing different projects in different areas in Egypt that enter the market premature concepts with the latest methods of either housing, business investment, or global refineries that achieve all market needs and more and ensure strong competition with international real estate markets. Since its inception in 2007.

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Location of Hyde Park Compound

Location of Hyde Park New Cairo

Choosing the location of Hyde Park New Cairo Compound is one of the best choices the development company made. As well as it chose to lay its foundation in one of the best locations in New Cairo, which came in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square on 90 St. To be easy for residents to me in and out of the compound. the compound is near many places and the most important axes and roads, For Example:

  • Suez Road is only 5 km away from Hyde Park New Cairo.
  • AUC is 5 minutes away from Hyde Park Compound.
  • Ring Road is 15 minutes away from the project.
  • The International Airport is 30 minutes away.
  • El Maadi is 30 minutes away.
  • Heliopolis is in a short distance
  • Mountain View Hyde Park New Cairo

Area of Compound Hyde Park New Cairo Compound

Hyde Park Developments Company established Hyde Park New Cairo Compound on a huge land area to include all the important facilities. As well as services and entertainment activities that meet the residents’ needs. In addition to providing a small part of the residential buildings, which vary in spaces at special prices It is suitable for all clients wishing to live in Compound so it was established on an area of 1200 acres. Which is equivalent to 6,000,000 m², and an area of 600,000 m². That has been allocated from the total area to be the share of wide green spaces and also walking tracks.

The company has also worked to allocate the largest commercial area in New Cairo with an area of 400,000 m² of office space and business services. To be for shopping and entertainment destination on an area of 130,000 m² with more than 1,000 m² of retail stores, 1,500 units have been delivered until now, and also there are 2,500 units under construction in Hyde Park New Cairo Compound.

Designs of Hyde Park Fifth Settlement

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Hyde Park Developments designed Hyde Park Fifth Settlement to be in the latest international style. By developing the most strategic engineering plans, to build the project in a unique architectural way that looks in the most sophistication and creative way. Making it shows the architectural beauty that was designed by a number of the most skilled and famous experts in the engineering consultancy. In addition to designing the compound using the most innovative quality that follows modern international standards.

The developer company has a great keenness on accuracy during the construction process, which it shows clearly through the exterior decorations. As well as it have been done through using materials that keep the buildings against any natural factors that may harm the buildings. Besides finishing the interior decorations to be suitable for different clients’ tastes. Adding to all these one of the most beautiful views, over water features reflecting the beauty of greenery to give a positive vibes, as you can enjoy it from any direction in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement Compound.

Services and Features of Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park New Cairo has one of the largest land areas, as well as the developer company put a huge effort to make its such a complete city. By dividing the whole compound into two different parts, and allocating one of these parts to be for the facilities. To include different services, to meet residents needs without being have to get out of the compound. In addition to adding the rest of the family with their favorite sporting and entertaining activities, For Example:

  • Outdoor areas for family gatherings, besides the out door areas for events.
  • Sports playgrounds and stadiums to practice your hobbies.
  • Professional security team, besides cameras for safety 24/7.
  • More than ATM for each Bank to facilitate it for residents.
  • Commercial malls including international stores.
  • Swimming pools suitable for all ages besides the different activities..
  • The fastest Internet services for all the units of Hyde Park New Cairo
  • Restaurants and also cafe shops for all tastes.
  • Electronic gates for your security 24/7  in the compound.
  • Extensive garages also car care service in Hyde Park 5th Settlement.
  • Medical center, besides the Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Firefighting systems, besides the generators for complete safety.
  • Easy transportation not only but also tracks for the handicapped.
  • Meditation Area for yoga, quit reading, besides relaxation.
  • Cycling Lanes, also Tracks for walking away from the street.
  • Highest quality materials in foundations, besides the construction.
  • Kids’ Area with the safest games, besides nurseries and international schools.
  • Gym, also the spa, Jacuzzi, and sauna with the highest quality of equipment.
  • Cleaning team in addition to a professional team for maintenance.

What are the Prices and Spaces of Hyde Park New Cairo Compound?

  • Standalone villa Space start from 687 m², also the price starts at 86,800,000 EGP.

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What Are The Payment Plans and Installment for Hyde Park?

  • 5% Down Payment With installment over 8 years, Benefits-Free.

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