MODON Developments

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MODON Developments

MODON Developments is one of the largest and most important companies in the real estate development field in Egypt. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, MODON has been looking forward looking forward providing all of its projects with the highest quality standards. Due to the progressive expectations of the individuals and investors within it. The company's vision is to seamlessly combine architecture and high-end architectural design. It also has here long and old experiences to separate from our inherent nature.

Vision and Mission of MODON Developments

This is due to the owner of the company, who has extensive experience at the level of the Arabian Gulf, especially in the State of Kuwait, where it has carried out achievements that exceeded all limits. This also resulted in the acquisition of a large segment of customers with high levels of confidence due to what it offers, and the company is always keen to meet the desires of customers and work. To implement the requirements of the Egyptian real estate market, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Modon Developments also stressed that the establishment of the company was its greatest purpose to implement a large group of huge real estate projects in Egypt, especially in New Capital.

One of the biggest focuses on the New Capital was that it was greatly supported by Egyptian President Abd El Fattah El-Sisi, who put his internists to support investors, which was greatly reflected in the capital and also the economic file of the Egyptian state in general, and thus it succeeded in overcoming the Corona crisis. The global economy has led to its economic destruction. Thus, the New Administrative Capital has succeeded in creating an economic boom and great success in the economic reform file, placing Egypt among the few countries that have achieved positive growth rates and maintained its credit rating,

Advantages and Objectives of MODON Developments

  • Ensure delivery on the specified dates without any delay.
  • Using the best materials in building and construction to be weathering resistant.
  • Use the most widely used and important technology in Japan.
  • Provide its projects with the highest and latest levels of sophistication and luxury.
  • Pay attention to all the details and add vast green spaces that give a natural appearance
  • Keen to employ the best engineers and architectural experts.
  • Provide a variety of payment and installment systems.
  • Work on studying similar projects to improve their projects.
  • Aim to study and analyze the market to meet customers' needs.
  • Ensuring the formation of long-term mutual trust with customers
  • Exploit all spaces to the maximum extent possible in the projects it undertakes.
  • Keen on efficiency during operation and use.
  • Adding diversity in the spaces and prices of the units to meet all needs of clients.

Prominent Projects of MODON Developments

MODON Developments is keen on launching many projects of various types of real estate and also commercial ones in the most important vital spots. To be close to the main roads to reach wherever they want without spending a long time in the crowds. Some of these projects are the following:

  • Central Iconic Tower CBD.
  • Cities of Green River Modon Green River.
  • Modon Mega Tower.
  • M Business Tower
  • MODON Hotel & Residence.
  • 300 buildings in Greater Cairo.