About Boutique Village New Cairo Compound

Boutique Village New Cairo Compound is not like the typical residential projects, as it was designed with utmost care and attention to detail with the cooperation of the developer company—Modon Developments with professional engineers who have a long experience in this field. Boutique Village is where you will meet your needs without being needed to get out of the compound, because of the great addition of services and activities. In addition to the prime location that it was executed on. It is near many axes and vital roads for the easiest mobility for residents and visitors. All these and more were added to the variety of the apartments, which will help clients to own their favorite unit at a suitable price, besides the suitable price. At an economical payment plan, you can pay a low-cost down payment with long-term installments without any additional benefits.

Modon Developments has been an inspiring company for the other competitors in the Real estate field in Egypt since its establishment in 2020. The company was founded by brilliant engineers and businessmen with over 30 years of experience who could change the concept of investment. By building structure, the company crafts lifestyle as they are pioneers in developing premium mixed-use projects to be more than homes for owners. Modon Developments is more than just a real estate developer company, it is a creator of urban masterpieces. by executing residential, besides commercial projects to class -A.

Prominent projects of Modon Developments

  • Modon Tower New Capital.

Location of Boutique Village New Cairo

Location of Boutique Village New Cairo Compound

Modon Developments is a developer company that always looks forward to satisfying its clients. By giving them many features and factors of comfort, especially in choosing the perfect location for all its projects. Boutique Village Compound has one of the prime locations in New Cairo, which is in the heart of the Fifth settlement in Golden Square directly on the Gamal ِAbd El-Nasser corridor. So this makes the compound the most easy destination that you can  get to without spending  a long time in crowds, as it is near many vital roads and axes, For Example:

  • Band Misr Club is near Boutique Village Compound.
  • The American University of Cairo is 5 minutes away.
  • Point 90 Mall is close to the compound.
  • Lotus District is a short distance.
  • Conquered Plaza Mall a few minutes away from Boutique Village.
  • Monorail station, also 90 St are near the compound.

Area of Boutique Village New Cairo

The developer company put strict plan to make its new residential project, Boutique Village New Cairo Compound include all the facilities and to serve the biggest number of clients. As there are a variety of basic services, and daily requirements that will meet resident needs, in addition to the entertainment. The sporting activities make it easy for the rest of the family to practice their hobbies without needing to get out of the compound and add these advantages to the most beloved advantages for many clients. Which is the green and open-air spaces to be the view of all the residential units.

The residential units have the smallest part of the two parts of Modon Developments divided. This area has a variety of specialties for being private and safe in all aspects. This area is away from any noise besides adding many green spaces among all the residential buildings. There are many apartments with different floors and different spaces, as well as different prices. The buildings include a ground floor + 3 typical floors to meet all clients’ needs easily in Boutique Village New Cairo Compound.

Designs of Boutique 5th Settlement

Installments system and payment plan of Boutique Village New Cairo

Hiring a professional staff of engineers who have a long experience, was one of the reasons that Boutique Village New Cairo Compound looks special. Besides choosing the best materials to execute each detail in the finest way ever. This is shown clearly in the interior and exterior decorations of the residential units, which have been chosen according to the international standards of the engineering field.

Modon Developments always seeks perfection in all of its projects, especially in Boutique Village Fifth Settlement Compound. It starts with choosing the materials that will keep the buildings resistant to any natural factors such as weathering resistance. In addition to the special green spaces and the water bodies, the view of the residential units in any direction.

Features and Services of Boutique Village New Cairo

In Boutique Village New Cairo is the Compound that has a lot of advantages that will make it an easy lifetime in all aspects. Starting from adding the basic services, and daily needs for all residents, in addition to the variety of entertainment. Also, sporting activities, letting all the family members practice their hobbies by adding some of the following:

  • Water bodies that reflect the beauty of green spaces.
  • Different sizes of swimming pools in Boutique Village.
  • The fastest Internet services in all the units.
  • Famous restaurants, also coffee shops with the highest qualities.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Nest Cairo Compound.
  • Extensive spaces for garages, also car care services.
  • Outdoor areas for events and all ceremonies in Boutique Compound.
  • Playgrounds, also stadiums for different sports.
  • Security team, besides CCTV in Boutique Village Compound.
  • For Each bank there are more than ATMs.
  • Commercial malls, as well as the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical center, besides Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Firefighting systems, besides the generators in Boutique Village.
  • For handicapped there are all transportation facilities.
  • Meditation Area for yoga, besides relaxation area for quiet reading.
  • Cycling Lanes, in addition to tracks for walking Boutique Village.
  • Many Kids’ areas suiting different tastes provided with safety.
  • Gym, and spa services in the highest qualities.
  • Professional team for maintenance, besides the cleaning team.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Boutique Village New Cairo?

  • 2 Bedroom Apartment space start from 110 m² with starting price of 7,298,700 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Boutique Village?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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