Roya Developments

The Big Business District New Cairo Prices from 119,000 EGP
5% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 64
Telal East New Cairo Prices from 17,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 205

Roya Developments

Roya Developments is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market so far. It was established by engineer Hisham Shoukry in 1997, but this does not prevent the company from its founding dating back to when it was a branch of the Taiba Company for Real Estate Development and Investment, which implemented The most prominent and important mega projects and considered the talk of the hour, as the Roya Group was established in 2007 as a branch of the Taiba Company of RE Tatweer Company, and

It is considered one of the fastest and most important growing holding companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt in several diverse fields, and these fields are represented in tourism, real estate development, investment, and contracting. This was in addition to consultations and investments that exceeded 3 billion US dollars, as well as a working capital that was constantly increasing and reached 2 billion Egyptian pounds, and a land bank of more than 9 million square meters. Roya Group also owns 13 companies, including the following:

  • Taiba Company.
  • Akoplan.

and Roya for real estate and tourism development. Roya Group for Real Estate Development is proud of the unique and distinctive developments and resorts located in the most important strategic locations, as it appeared in a recent development in March 2015. Pioneer Pioneers purchased 60% of Roya. In June 2015, two funds joined Roya, namely EgyCap Investment Ltd and Castle Property Company. Ltd. Therefore, the total ownership structure of Roya was 52.2%, Pioneer, 34.6%, Hisham Shoukry, 8.8%, EgyCap Investment Ltd, and also 4.4%, Castle Property Company Ltd.

Objectives and features of Roya Developments Company

  • Roya Developments aims to take its projects apart.
  • The best methods demonstrate this and also special modern technologies.
  • It is keen to provide the best construction works and thus ensures resistance to all factors of erosion and earthquakes.
  • Following several strategies during the establishment of projects by local rules as well as international laws.
  • Developing the latest international designs for all its projects and ensuring their consistency with the interior.
  • Keen to study the market in detail before launching its project.
  • The company always works to meet customer needs.
  • Delivery on the contracted dates without delay.
  • Always putting customer comfort first.
  • Ensuring that its projects are unique in all construction stages.
  • Its keenness to provide everything new, advanced, and innovative within all its projects.
  • Gaining the trust of its customers and acquiring a new segment of customers, as well as ensuring its continuity.
  • The company offers competitive packages for spaces and also the best prices to suit everyone.
  • It offers the best payment packages and thus ensures that any burden is removed from customers.

Roya Developments Companies

  • Roya Investment Holding

The company's establishment was in 2007 with an investment volume of more than 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds. It is also the holding company the investment arm of the group and the main shareholder in all its companies.

  • Roya Development & Touristic Development

Since its foundation in 2007 with an invested capital of 30 million Egyptian pounds, this company also employs a specialized team of more than 100 who develop and manage the group’s projects.

  • Vision Construction (RC)

RC is considered the construction arm of the group in addition to its services to the open market.

RC also directly employs a workforce of more than 250 professionals.

  • Okoplan Engineering Consultants

Okoplan establishment was in 1990 with an invested capital of more than 20 million pounds. It is also considered a design and engineering consulting company.

The supervisory arm for the group's projects, with the expertise and cadres of more than 150 first-class architects and engineers.

  • Taiba Construction & Tourism Investment

It was established in 1997 with an invested capital of more than 200 million pounds. It is the company that owns the Ain Sokhna Hills project and also the North Coast Hills project.

  • Roya Developments

The establishment of the company was in 2007 with an invested capital of more than 1 billion Egyptian pounds. The company is also the owner of the Stone Park project, Stone Residence, and Stone Towers in Katameya, New Cairo.

  • Vision for Tourism Investment (RTI)

Founded in 2007 with an invested capital of more than 200 million Egyptian pounds, RTI also owns Canals Village - Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam Red Sea.

  • Shawnee Valley for Tourism Investment

The company with an invested capital of up to 200 million pounds, Wadi Shouni is the latest addition to the upcoming projects in Marsa Alam. It also sought to provide a series of various projects and resorts, as well as distinctive residential areas. Which reflects the company's impressive and notable goals in terms of apartments, chalets, or villas.In addition suitable for all groups to provide a better and distinguished standard of living that includes the charming natural beauty and tranquility therein.

Prominent Projects of Roya Developments

  • Telal Ain Sokhna project.
  • Telal EL Alamein Resort.
  • Stone Residence Compound in New Cairo.
  • The Hadaba project on the 6th of October City.
  • Roya Group for Real Estate Development has built multiple projects in Lotus.
  • It owns several residential units in Garden City, Nasr City, and Shorouk City.
  • I worked on constructing the Stone Park Compound in the Fifth Settlement area.