About Telal East New Cairo Compound

Telal East New Cairo Compound is the place that you will find your comfort in. The developer company put a huge effort into this residential project, to make its clients satisfied in all aspects. Choosing the location of the compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement for the easiest mobility of residents. Besides the good choice of the land area, which is a massive space could include a compound with a variety of services and facilities, as well as the different types of residential units with its different spaces. Adding affordable prices is the most special chance to live with your family. Start booking to benefit from this opportunity and live the full experience.

Roya Developments is one of the most important companies in the real estate field in the Arab Republic of Egypt since its foundation in 1997. Therefore it became a strong competitor in obtaining a great position and a good reputation among the other companies in the same field. Roya Developments also owns a large group of residential and coastal projects in the most important cities of Egypt. Especially the Strategic areas. The company achieved a huge percentage of sales in the Egyptian real estate market and also gained a large segment of customers with high levels of trust in its clients.

Prominent projects of Roya Developments

  • Telal Ain Sokhna.
  • Telal North Coast.
  • Stone Park New Cairo.

Location of Telal East New Cairo

Location of Telal East New Cairo

Telal Developments chose one of the best locations in New Cairo to establish its residential project, Telal East New Cairo. That came in the heart of the Fifth Settlement to be the easiest destination to get to without spending a long time in traffic jams. This location of Telal East New Cairo Compound puts it in a strategic site between the most important roads and main direct axes, For Example:

  • The compound is 2 Minutes away From Suez Road.
  • AUC is 10 minutes away from Telal East New Cairo.
  • The International Cairo Airport is 15 minutes from the compound.
  • Mountain View iCity New Cairo Compound.
  • Hyde Park New Cairo Compound is a short distance from Telal Compound.

Area of Telal East New Cairo

The developer company, Roya Developments developed Telal East New Cairo and implemented the compound on a large area of ​​land that provides all services and recreational activities. In addition to public facilities that operate with international technologies to meet residents’ needs for both genders and all ages. Besides, providing a package of many types of residential units in different spaces and at the best prices. This is the company’s goal so that customers can choose the unit with the appropriate area for its financial status. The residential units are located in the middle of the high-end natural landscape to give the residents a distinctive and charming view from all directions. Telal East New Cairo is also designed at different heights to ensure that all units have a view.

Tela East Fifth Settlement has one of the hugest areas which is about 184 acres. Roya company chose to divide it into different parts, where the smallest one of the total area of ​​the property, comes with a variety of residential units with a variety of spaces. The whole area of the compound is divided to give villas 80%, also duplexes 20%, as well as there is diversity in unit types as, standalone villas, duplexes, also townhouses. The largest part with an area of ​​36 acres is for the service areas and facilities, as well as various activities for the rest of the family. Moreover, there are 8 acres for the lagoon, which will give the residents a charming view all over the compound.

Designs of Telal East Fifth Settlement

Prices and Spaces of Telal East Fifth Settlement Compound

Roya Developments is always keen to develop the best high-end designs in the modern architectural style of Telal East New Cairo Compound. This was done by developing the best engineering plans, strategies, and foundations that follow international specifications and standards. A group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering consulting, including YPA, are working on this plan to benefit from their expertise and design the Telal East New Cairo Compound with the latest innovative images to suit all tastes.

Telal East New Cairo Compound will also be designed with the best architectural decoration works from the inside so that it harmonizes with the external aspects of the compound. Therefore, the finest building materials for construction and building work were used to make the compound appear in a luxurious architectural image. The landscape was also designed, including the wide green spaces, and integrated with Crystal Lagoons colors to give a more wonderful view from all aspects.

Features and Services of Telal East New Cairo

The facilities and entertainment activities are one of the things residents a distinctive residential standard. The second part was also for the picturesque landscapes, to be near the wide green spaces and a landscape that works to spread among the artificial lakes so that these colors harmonize with each other and give all the units A distinctive view of nature.

  • Large green spaces spread with picturesque artificial lakes.
  • Walking and cycling paths, and you can also run away from cars.
  • The hypermarket includes various imported and local products.
  • A commercial mall for the most famous international brands.
  • Electrical generators work immediately when the compound has a power outage.
  • Fire fighting systems that detect smoke remotely.
  • Entertainment areas for children, equipped with all games, and fully secured.
  • Places to practice yoga amidst picturesque nature.
  • An area for holding barbecue parties with all the necessary equipment.
  • A health club includes a Jacuzzi, in addition to a sauna with the latest technology.
  • A sports club that provides various sports fields with all equipment.
  • The gym provides all sports equipment, and there is a group of trainers.
  • A special area for various restaurants and cafes.
  • A hotel with the latest modern designs and there is also a houseboat.
  • A pharmacy that provides all medicines and medical supplies 24/7.
  • Maintenance workers work periodically to serve the public facilities.
  • Highly trained security in Telal East New Cairo Compound.
  • Electronic gates to verify residents’ identities before entering Telal East.
  • CCTV cameras operate with modern systems 24 hours a day.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Telal East New Cairo Compound?

  • Garden Villa spaces start from 233 m²+ Garden 68 m², priced at 17,000,000 EGP.
  • Sky Villa space start from 310 m²+ Roof 28 m², also priced at 18,000,000 EGP.
  • Town House spaces start from 205 m²+Roof 50 m²+Garden 100 m², Priced at 19,000,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse spaces start from 205 m² with starting price 20,000,000 EGP.
  • Stone Villa Space start from 253 m² + Roof 42 m² to be priced at 29,500,000 EGP.
  • Executive Villa space start from 300 m² + Roof 62 m², also priced at 33,000,000 EGP.
  • Signature Villa space start from 475 m² + Roof 103 m² with start price 49,000,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Telal East?

  •  5% Down Payment and The Installments Over 8 Years, Benefits-Free.

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