Sodic Developments

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Sodic Developments

Sodic Developments has all the qualifications that make it the most famous and big developer company in Egypt since its foundation more than 25 years ago. As well as it has vast Egyptian lands, and it succeeded very quickly in making a huge difference for all types of projects in its traditional style, as it provided the most luxurious compounds that guarantee you sophistication and comfort over time with the investment projects that guarantee the success of any commercial project for businessmen with it, in addition to the tourist resorts that will immortalize the best memories in everyone’s minds through its charming view.

It succeeded in deservedly occupying the throne of this field through its keenness to develop continuously in all construction stages. As well as it made it leave a unique imprint of its kind that ensures the combination of modern style with Egyptian heritage in most places guaranteeing psychological peace and tranquility. Away from the noise to provide its clients with projects that guarantee them comfort over time, which it considers to be its first goal and is implementing it in all construction stages, which has made it gain a huge segment of clients in the shortest time and at an unprecedented speed with high levels of confidence, due to its list of numerous features, the most important of which are: The relationship of transparency and also the credibility with which it deals with its customers.

History of Sodic Real Estate Development Company

Sodic Developments has a long history since it was founded about a quarter of a century ago, and it also succeeded during that period in achieving a high percentage of achievements during which it possessed a pioneering and prestigious position among the rest of the companies in the huge real estate field. It also succeeded in transferring the style of Building on Egyptian lands reaching the best, never-before-seen level of excellence during all construction stages, and thus the history of Sodic Developments Company comes as follows:

  • 1996: Purchased its first land with an area of ​​10 million square meters in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • To develop the West Cairo region to the latest international levels.
  • 2007: The Galleria project was presented as a revolutionary shift in the brand.
  • 2008: It purchased one million square meters in the eastern Cairo area.
  • 2009: She founded The Polygon, The Strip project.
  • 2011: It became the first developer to present a real estate project after the January 25, 2011 revolution.
  • 2012: West Town Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • 2013: East Town Residence, located in East Town New Cairo.
  • 2015: Entered the tourism field at Caesar Resort North Coast.
  • 2016: Established the first medical project, Westown Medical.
  • 2017: Launched the Sodic East project worth 1.7 billion pounds.
  • 2018: It entered into a partnership for the Malaz project on an area of ​​300 acres on the North Coast.
  • It owned another 500 acres in the West Cairo area and also established the EDNC commercial project for the Eastown New Cairo project.
  • 2019: Launched Allegria Residence.
  • It established The Estates project and it was implemented on an area of ​​630 thousand m².
  • VYE Sheikh Zayed.

Members of the Board of SODIC Developments

The biggest factor that guarantees the excellence of any company is its possession of the largest cadres with extensive experience to ensure excellence and continuity in a high and prestigious position, which is what characterizes Sodic Developments through its distinguished team with distinguished experiences not only at the local level but also internationally. To include various ideas and also provide integrated international quality at the highest level that ensures its distinction and position in a leading position, and thus the executive management team of SODIC Developments is represented as follows:

  • Yasser Al-Saeed, Head of Projects Sector.
  • Ahmed Al-Halawani, Head of Development Sector.
  • Heba Makhlouf, Head of the Investment Sector.
  • Mr. Majed Sharif, Managing Director.
  • Omar Al-Hamwi, Head of the Financial Sector.
  • Ayman Amer, Chief Operating Officer of the Development Sector.
  • Nadine Okasha, Executive Director of Strategy, Brand and Sustainability.
  • Hisham Salah, Head of the Information Technology Sector.
  • Ahmed Samir, Executive Director of Human Resources and Capabilities.

Members of the Board of Directors of SODIC Developments

  • Mr. Fahd Abdullah Al-Mahmoud is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors.
  • Omar Muhanna, non-executive board member.
  • Talal Al-Dhiyebi and also Mr. Amer Al-Amri, non-executive board member.
  • Mr. Majed Sharif, Executive Member of the Board of Directors.
  • Dalia Khorshid, Independent Board Member
  • Osama Salah, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Sanaa Khater, non-executive board member.
  • Also at the international level, it includes Jonathan Emery, a non-executive board member.
  • In addition to David Dudley, a non-executive board member.

Prominent Projects of SODIC Developments

Sodic Developments exceeded many different achievements all limits and expectations. It has also succeeded in presenting the most powerful and diverse projects in various construction fields with the highest quality materials while providing the greatest integration of facilities and activities. It also worked to choose the most strategic spots completely away from the noise to ensure complete privacy and psychological comfort. To build projects on it, to provide comfort to its customers, it provided them with the latest international technologies. Also, it is the most important project in different areas, For Example:

  • Forty West and October Plaza.
  • The Strip project, in addition to Carmel Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Sodic West Town.
  • VYE Sheikh Zayed.
  • West Town Hub also presented The Estates New Zayed.
  • The Polygon Extension.
  • Allergia Residence.
  • Sodic Medical District, also implemented The Portal West Town Business Park.

As for the East Cairo area, it occupies an area of ​​5 million m².

  • Villette, in addition to the EDNC project.
  • Sky Condos also V Residence, also Sodic East Town New Cairo.
  •  Sodic East New Heliopolis.
  • Cesar North Coast Village.
  • June Sodic North Coast Village.