About Sodic East New Cairo Compound

Sodic East New Cairo Compound has been planned well by the developer company, Sodic Developments which chose to lay its foundation on one of the best sites in the Fifth Settlement. Making it easy for residents to move in and out of the compound without facing any traffic jams or pollution. Besides giving them the chance to own one of the different villas that has diversity in spaces, besides the affordable prices. It is easy for all classes to own one of the villas without bearing any overpriced or any additional benefits in the Sodic East New Cairo Compound.

Sodic Developments is a leading real estate company in the field of urban development, which always provides the best living and investment opportunities to its customers. Sodic Developments is also one of the oldest and strongest real estate investment and development companies in the Egyptian real estate market and has been present in the market for a long time. Real estate development for more than twenty years, and the company has succeeded since its founding for more than 25 years in occupying the throne of this field through its keenness to develop continuously in all construction stages, which made it leave a unique imprint of its kind that ensures the combination of modern style with Egyptian heritage in The most geographical areas in Egypt.

Prominent projects of Sodic Developments

  • Caramel Sodic Sheikh Zayed
  • Faye Sodic Sheikh Zayed
  • October Plaza Sodic

Location of Sodic East New Cairo

Location of sodic East New Cairo

Sodic Development and Real Estate Investment Company has implemented the Sodic East New Cairo Compound in a unique strategic location close to important roads and main direct axes through which it is easy to reach the compound without taking a long time. Therefore, the company was keen to put all its expertise into choosing a distinctive location near the medical center. And Mostkbal City, as well as El Shorouk, where Sodic East New Cairo Compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, on Teseen Street, directly next to the American University, also near the following:

  • New Capital is 15 minutes away from Sodic East Compound.
  • Suez and Ismailia Roads, also Regional Ring Road, are 18 minutes away.
  • Heliopolis and Nasr City are located 15 minutes away from Sodic East Compound.
  • Cairo International Airport is 15 minutes away from Sodic East New Cairo.
  • The Police Academy is also close to the Higher Institute of Languages ​​and Translation.

Area of Sodic East New Cairo Compound

The total area of the Sodic East New Cairo Compound is 200 acres. As well as it has been chosen by the developer company that planned for the compound to include two different parts. To include all public services and facilities as well as various recreational activities that work to meet the residents’ daily requirements, in addition to the availability of a large package of diverse residential units of varying spaces. With its competitive prices, in addition to the presence of picturesque landscapes that spread among the residential units to give a direct and wonderful view from all directions of the compound

The largest share of the total area was allocated to the service areas and various recreational activities, as well as the picturesque landscapes represented by the presence of wide green spaces spread with high-end artificial lakes to integrate these The colors combine to give a distinctive view, and the remaining smaller part of the total area has been allocated to the various residential units that vary in space. So that each customer can choose the type of unit with a suitable space, in addition to the suitable price.

Designs of Sodic East Fifth Settlement

Where Sodic East Compound is located

All residential units also has the best interior engineering decoration works to be consistent with the external destinations of Sodic East fifth Settlement Compound through the use of the finest building materials that resist all erosion factors, in addition to the design of wide green spaces in the middle of crystal lagoons and sparkling artificial lakes that give a vision. Stunning panoramic view of all residential units.

Sodic Developments is keen on developing the latest modern designs for Sodic East Cairo to suit various tastes. As the best engineering plans and modern construction strategies were developed that comply with international rules and laws. So that the compound was designed in a creative and innovative architectural manner in the modern architectural style. This was done through the assistance of a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering consulting. To fully supervise and design the Sodic East Fifth Settlement Compound using the latest engineering methods in accordance with modern urban development.

Features and Services of Sodic East New Cairo

  • Health centers with many specialties inside Sodic East New Cairo Compound.
  • Hospitals for emergency cases and also with all medical equipment.
  • Pharmacies provide all medications and operate throughout the day.
  • Recreational areas designated for practicing yoga.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and also suitable for all ages.
  • Maintenance workers work periodically to service the public facilities in the compound.
  • A cleaning team works continuously in Sodic East New Cairo Compound.
  • Educational schools and international universities.
  • Enough generators for a number of buildings that operate automatically.
  • A supermarket providing all local and imported food products.
  • Garages designated for compound residents and also fully insured.
  • A special track for walking and running, and you can also ride bicycles away from cars.
  • A different group of restaurants and cafes in Sodic East Compound.
  • Excellent elevators and elevators equipped with the latest systems inside the units.
  • Sports clubs with large areas of up to 8 acres, providing sports fields with the best equipment.
  • A health club includes a sauna and Jacuzzi, also equipped with the latest technology.
  • A gym that includes all sports equipment with a group of trainers.
  • Wide green spaces and landscape surround the entire compound.
  • Crystal lagoons and artificial lakes of different shapes and colors.
  • Security personnel are available throughout 24/7.
  • CCTV with modern technologies operate 24 hours a day.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Sodic East New Cairo?

  • Apartments space starting from 125 m², priced at 7,082,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse space start from 219 m² with starting price of 13,508,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Sodic East?

  •  5% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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