Times Developments

Aster Residence New Cairo Prices from 8,700,000 EGP
10% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 150
Avelin New Cairo Prices from 50,000 EGP
5% Down payment 8 Years Installment Space 75 m²

Times Developments 

Times Developments is one of the known real estate companies in Egypt since its foundation more than 35 years ago, and since then it has deserved to be one of the leading companies. The company has many huge projects specifically in Sheikh Zayed City. In addition, it is keen on introducing the best methods into its projects to make itself different from the rest of the companies and make the customers and investors contracting with it feel distinguished. During the period of its presence in the market, the company succeeded in collecting a huge percentage of unprecedented sales, which made it own a large segment of customers. It is also part of a group of real estate developers with Rabwa & Ofok & Green Waves.

Leader Ships of Times Developments Company

  • Eng/ Ahmed Abdel Lateef.
  • Eng/ Ahmed Al-Sarjani.

Advantages and Features of Times Developments

Since the foundation of Times Developments, it has had many elements that it is taking care of in all of its projects. To be on the top list of the other competitors' real estate companies. Starting from the basic needs of any client to the the smallest detail in finishing. In addition to having goals that increase customer confidence in it. Some of these aspects are the following:

  • Builds a relationship of mutual trust with customers by delivering units on time
  • Use the strongest materials in construction, besides foundations to resist any factors of erosion.
  • Meet all customer requirements in any project after studying the market and planning well.
  • Providing a luxurious lifestyle for all its clients within its projects
  • Ensuring the introduction of new development concepts and techniques into the real estate.
  • Provides competitive facilities for payment, in addition to installments.
  • It also provides the best finishes and designs for its projects, which are distinguished.
  • Meet all the requirements and capabilities of future owners, it provides a wide variety of unit spaces and prices
  • In addition, the company's core values ​​continuously guide it to provide its best throughout all stages of launch
  • And also in the after-sales service that specializes in following up with customers.
  • Ensuring the provision of all integrated services and activities that will increase customer enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Choosing the best vital spots that keep the owners close to the most important places
  • And also the main roads that will bring them closer to reaching it quickly and without any obstacles or delays

prominent Projects of Times Developments

It is always keen on adding diversity of residential projects to include the requirements of a large segment of customers and realize their dreams of ownership in a sophisticated, community. With the best prices and integrated services, and also near the most important spots and roads in Egypt. TIMES Development operates with a firm belief that there are endless untapped scopes in the suburbs, far from the bustling Cairo.  This is where you step in and offer a well-adjusted society and a luxurious lifestyle in one of these projects, For Example:

  • Zayed Regency
  • Zayed Dunes project
  • Zayed Complex
  • Aster Residence