About Avelin New Cairo Compound

Avelin New Cairo will compete with the biggest compounds in New Cairo, because of its prime location that was chosen carefully by the developer company. Times Developments chose the heart of the heart of the Fifth Settlement to establish the compound on. To be the place where you will find your dream house, as the company provided the compound with residential apartments, also you will meet all your needs in one place without needing to get out. The compound has different services, besides entertainment activities for different ages. Start booking one of these apartments at an affordable price and choose one of the spaces that Times Development announced, adding it to the economical down payment, also the long-term installments without adding any additional benefits.

Times Developments is one of the largest real estate companies that has a long experience of more than 35 years in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market. It is also considered part of the group of real estate developers with the following names Rabwa & Ofok & Green Wave. Times Developments takes the lead. On the throne of the field among major competing companies, because it has launched many different residential and investment projects in the most important vital spots in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which has enabled it to gain a large segment of customers with great levels of trust, and this is because it is keen to deliver all its projects on the agreed upon date without delay.

Prominent projects of Times Developments

Location of Avelin New Cairo Compound

Location of Avellin New Cairo Compound

The developer company, Times Developments always looking forward to attracting a huge number of clients. Providing it with a diversity of facilities to make it easy for all residents to get to their destinations without taking long distances. So Avelin New Cairo Compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, next to Park View, also close to many places, For Example:

  • Garden 8 is one minute away from the compound.
  • Middle Ring Road is located near the compound.
  • The American University is a short distance from Eveline Compound.
  • Mohamed Naguib Axis is also located near Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis.
  • Al-Rehab and Al-Shorouk are minutes away from Eveline Compound.
  • Cairo Festival Mall is a few minutes away from the compound

Area of Avelin New Cairo

The total area of Avelin New Cairo Compound was chosen to be 26 acres, as the developer company, Times Developments seeks perfection in this project as usual. So it chose this massive land area to allocate two different parts, to give the biggest spaces which is 85% of the total area. To be for the facilities and basic services those residents will need. In addition to providing the rest of the family with different sports and entertainment activities, it is easy for them to practice their hobbies without being needed to get out of the compound.

The other part with 15% of the total area of the compound is for the residential units. That was divided into 4 blocks with 8 buildings with double-height building entrances and each building has 2 elevators, CCTV, garbage chute, besides underground parking. Also, there are green spaces among these buildings to add more privacy and safety for residents.

Designs of Avelin 5th Settlement Compound

Avelin New Cairo

Times Developments is keen on developing the latest innovative designs for all its projects, especially in Avelin New Cairo Compound. This shows in the interior and exterior decorations, as the company worked on making them finished using the highest qualities of all the materials. To be against any natural factors or any weather changes that may harm the exterior buildings of the compound. They are applying it through staff of famous companies who used their experience in the engineering field, like: Öko Plan Design، Öko Plan، also ECG، in addition to MTG.

These famous name could use their research to benefit from it in establishing the residential apartments of Avelin Fifth Settlement Compound and executing them according to the rules and high-end engineering methods, in addition to designing the picturesque landscapes represented by the presence of wide green spaces. It is also working on spreading with Crystal Lagoons to combine these colors and give a charming view.

Features and Services of Avelin New Cairo

Avelin New Cairo is the compound that is considered a complete city in all aspects. As the owner company, Times Developments put huge effort into giving its clients all the elements of comfort by including all the services and facilities, as well as the entertainment activities, For Example:

  • Artificial lakes reflect the charming landscape.
  • A large track for running and walking, also bicycle lanes.
  • A children’s area with all the games secured to a high standard.
  • Places that include many different restaurants and cafes in the compound.
  • The hypermarket provides many local and also imported food products.
  • A commercial mall that includes famous international brands.
  • Swimming pools in different spaces for all internists in Avelin.
  • The clubhouse provides all services, and there is also a Jacuzzi and sauna.
  • A gym equipped with all sports equipment and a group of trainers.
  • A large garage for cars secured to the maximum extent possible.
  • Electric generators operate directly, as well as Fire Firefighting systems.
  • Highly trained security and guard personnel who work around the clock.
  • Surveillance cameras come with the latest technology and operate 24 hours a day.
  • Cleaners work all day in Avelin Fifth Settlement.
  • A maintenance team works periodically in Avelin New Cairo.
  • Places designated for practicing yoga amidst luxurious nature.
  • An area for holding barbecue parties, and all necessary equipment is provided.
  • A sports club provides many sports fields within the compound.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Avelin New Cairo?

  • Residential Apartment spaces starting from 75 m², priced at 50,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Avelin New Cairo?

  • 5% Down Payment and The Installments Over 8 Years, Benefits-Free.

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