About Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound is one of the residential projects in the heart of the Fifth Settlement especially in the Golden Triangle. The developer company, Reedy Group chose this site specially to divide the whole land area into two parts. Giving the biggest part to the facilities and services area to be away from the other parts of the residential buildings. These buildings have a diversity of units as different spaces, many spaces. To suit all tastes of clients who are looking forward to living in one of the most innovative and creative compounds. Reedy Group put much effort into Dijar New Cairo, it appears in each step. Starting from the structure process to the smallest detail in finishing and designs. All these and more were added to the most affordable payment plan with a low-cost down payment, besides the long-term installments without any annual benefits.

Reedy Group Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and also in the Middle East since its founding in the seventies of the last century. Therefore, the company owns many huge residential and investment projects across the country in various fields, Reedy Group Company also owns many Other companies in various specializations. Therefore it has gained a good reputation and a leading name in the Egyptian real estate market due to it gaining a large segment of customers with high levels of trust. Ready Group is also considered a multinational company with well-established principles that make it give its best in all fields.

Prominent projects of Reedy Group

  • Azzar New Cairo.
  • Azzar North Coast.
  • The Address East New Cairo.

Location of Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar Fifth Settlement Compound

Ready Group applied its research to choosing an ideal location for the Dijar New Cairo Compound to be close to the most important roads and direct main axes. It is easy for everyone to reach their destinations without taking long distances. Therefore, Dijar 5th Settlement Compound is located in a location Strategically located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically in the Golden Triangle to be near the following:

  • Middle Ring Road, minutes away from Dijar Settlement Compound.
  • Madinaty Compound is a short distance away from the compound.
  • Palm Hills New Cairo is minutes away from Dejar New Cairo.
  • Near Mountain View iCity New Cairo.

Area of Dijar New Cairo

Ready Group was keen to implement its latest project, Dijar New Cairo Compound. To be on a huge land area to provide all public services and facilities that come with high-quality technologies, in addition to various recreational activities that meet all the necessary needs of the residents. In addition to the availability of a large package of diverse residential units that come in varying spaces and at affordable prices. To suit all customers who are looking forward to owning a residential unit at an affordable price and suitable space.

Dijar New Cairo Compound was implemented to include various residential units in the smallest part. Including luxury apartments and also hotel apartments that are characterized by high-end designs, and varying spaces at competitive prices. The largest part was allocated to the picturesque natural landscapes represented by the presence of Wide green spaces spread with sparkling artificial lakes. To combine these colors and cover a distinct view of the residential units from all directions of the Dijar Fifth Settlement Compound.

Designs of Dijar Fifth Settlement Compound

Designs of Dijar Fifth Settlement have been executed by the developer company, Reedy Group after it collaborated with several professional engineers to benefit from their long experience in this field. They have been know for their perfect work in different types of projects. As well as to make all the residential units finished using the highest materials in each step of construction and foundations.

In addition to using materials weathering resistance for interior and exterior decoration is to be according to the international standards of engineering. As well as adding water bodies that reflect the colorful rare flowers giving a special view from all the residential apartments in Dijar New Cairo Compound.

Features and Services of Dijar New Cairo

Dijar New Cairo Developments has many services, as the developer company Reedy Group allocated a huge land area for the facilities. Adding many different basic services, in addition to the entertainment activities. To be the most suitable place for the rest of the family to practice their hobbies without being needed to get out of the Dijar New Cairo Compound. Some of these services are the following:

  • Water bodies that reflect the beauty of green spaces.
  • Different sizes of pools for all ages and private pools for ladies
  • The fastest Internet services in all the units.
  • Famous restaurants for all tastes in the compound.
  • Coffee shops with the highest qualities.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Nest Cairo Compound.
  • Extensive spaces for garages, also car care services.
  • Outdoor areas for events and all ceremonies in Dijar Compound.
  • Playgrounds for different sports, also stadiums.
  • Security team for more safety in the compound.
  • CCTV cameras 24/7 in Dijar New Cairo.
  • For Each bank there are more than ATMs.
  • Commercial malls, as well as the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical center working around the clock.
  • Pharmacies with 24/7 service, besides delivery 24/7.
  • Firefighting systems, in addition to the generators.
  • For handicapped there are all transportation facilities.
  • Open area for meditation any time.
  • Huge area for practicing yoga, also private areas for ladies.
  • Green spaces away from any noises to relax, besides the reading area.
  • Cycling Lanes, in addition to tracks for walking.
  • Many Kids’ areas suiting different tastes provided with safety.
  • Gym with full equipment, and spa services in the highest qualities.
  • Professional team for maintenance, besides the cleaning team.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Dijar New Cairo?

  • Residential Apartments with a starting price of 3,900,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Dijar New Cairo?

  • 5% Down Payment and The Installments Over 8 Years, Benefits-Free.

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