About Fifth Square New Cairo Compound

Fifth Square New Cairo Compound is one of the largest launches of Al Marasem Development, which has become one of the largest real estate development companies and has a prominent name in the Arab real estate market. As well as it provides its clients with the best qualities, which is shows clearly in the two different parts. Fifth Square New Cairo has two different parts, the smallest one is for the residential buildings, also the other part is allocated to be for the facilities and the green view. Adding all these and more to the prime location, that came in the heart of the Golden Square of the Fifth settlement.

Al Marasem Development is also considered one of the largest real estate development companies, as well as its is could prove its success in the international real estate sector since its foundation in 1997. This is shown in all of the different projects it executed, through cooperating with famous names to provide all of these projects with the highest qualities. Making its clients satisfied in all aspects. By choosing to establish it in prime locations it will be a good chance for them to live and reach anywhere easily without wasting their time driving. Al Marasem Development has investments in the real estate market that amounted to 16 and a half billion pounds. In addition to volume of gains and revenues amounted to about 18 billion pounds.

Prominent Projects of Al Marasem Development

  • Fifth Square Mall New Cairo.
  • Lake Residence New Cairo.
  • Marvielle New Zayed.

Location of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound

Location of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound

The location of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound has been chosen carefully by Al Marasem Development. As well as it made it the best chance for a huge segment of clients who prefer to live in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. To be away from any traffic jams, as well as the compound is in Golden Square near many places, besides easy to reach through many axes and main roads, For Example:

  • Heliopolis is only 20 minutes away.
  • AUC is only 5 minutes away.
  • Al Rehab City is located 3 minutes away from Fifth Square New Cairo.
  • Cairo Festival Mall is 10 minutes away from Fifth Square.
  • Suez Road is 45 minutes away from Fifth Square Compound.
  • The new Heliopolis area is only 10 minutes away from Fifth Square New Cairo.
  • Palm Hills New Cairo

Area of Fifth Square New Cairo

Fifth Square New Cairo Compound has one of the largest spaces on 158 acres. As well as the developer company, Al Marasem Development planned to divide it into two different parts, giving the largest spaces for the facilities and the different spaces of greenery. As well as it will be the place where you are going to enjoy your time without family. Because there is a spaces for the entertainment activities that suit all ages.

The compound was built on a land area of about 158 acres with a facade of 850 m², and a height of 12:6 meters, and 70% of the total area has been allocated to the residential apartments, equivalent to 217 residential buildings in different spaces in size. There is 30% of the total area for the luxury villas, where there are 3 different types, including townhouses, twin houses. In addition to the standalone villas. So it will be easy for clients to find what suits their needs. In addition to allocating part of the space to be allocated to service and entertainment spots, and Also, the wide green spaces that spread among the artificial lakes to give a panoramic view to all the residential units of Fifth Square New Cairo.

Designs of Fifth Square Al Marasem Developments

Fifth Square 5th Settlement Compound

Al Marasem Development is keen on provide Fifth Square New Cairo Compound with the latest modern designs a fine architectural style. To appear in a luxurious architectural image that suits different tastes. So that the engineers plan and build following strategies that conform to international standards and the conditions and terms of the unique architectural character. After cooperation with a large group of experts engineers. Showing these through the exterior decorations to be against any weather or natural changes those may harm the buildings of fifth Square 5th settlement.

The company’s interest in placing the best interior engineering decorations to be in harmony with the exterior decorations of the compound through the use of the best building materials. Giving it more splendid view that all residential units overlook from all directions to give all the owners a peaceful mind while their accommodation in Fifth Square 5th settlement compound.

Features and Services of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound

There are a wide range of basic services and entertainment activities in Fifth Square New Cairo. As well as, Al Marasem Development provided all customers with this variety to meet their needs without being have to get out the compound. Besides the different activities for all ages to practice their hobbies near their beloved home. Some of these facilities are the following:

  • Vast green spaces, also landscapes, besides the artificial lakes.
  • Sports gym, in addition to the Health club with Jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes.
  • Various restaurants and cafes in Fifth Square New Cairo.
  • A private track for running, walking, and cycling lanes away from the road.
  • Barbecue places for family and friends’ gatherings.
  • Club House in Fifth Square New Cairo Compound.
  • Electric generators in case the power cuts in Fifth Square Compound.
  • Amusement parks for children, besides the Kid’s area.
  • Commercial Mall, as well as the famous brand’s stores.
  • Hypermarket to get all your daily needs all over the time.
  • Private garage for all units in Fifth Square Compound.
  • Fire systems to detect fumes directly.
  • Medical Clinics with fully equipped, besides the Pharmacies’ services.
  • Maintenance workers for the different services.
  • Teams for cleaning all over the compound.
  • Security and guard, also the CCV Cameras for more safety.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Fifth Square New Cairo Compound?

  • Apartment Space start from 115 m² with starting price of 14,183,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment and Installment Methods of Fifth Square New Cairo?

  • 10% Down Payment and you can pay the installments over 6 Years.

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