About Keystone New Cairo Mall

Keystone New Cairo Mall is a new era of investment success in Egypt, as the developer company, Tabarak Developments laid its foundation in a premium location at the heart of the Fifth Settlement. To give its clients all the keys of comfort in all the possible ways, as they won’t spend a long time driving to get to the mall. Besides giving them the chance to choose one of the different spaces for each field. In Keystone New Cairo Mall there are a variety of units, as every field has its own building. So the company chose a huge land area to include all this variety, with a team of expert engineers to design the mall perfectly. In addition to planning for the mall to be the most affordable one with an economical payment plan.

Tabarak Developments is one of the giant companies in the real estate market, as the company has extensive experience in the field of real estate extending to 35 years. Besides it was established through Al Nahda Company, which specializes in the field of engineering contracting. as well as the company was founded in 1979 and has worked in several different sectors. The has multiple activities in investment, including real estate and tourism development. As well as the field of manufacturing and export. It has huge projects that have achieved many successes within the Middle East, specifically in the Arab Gulf countries. Tabarak Developments also has a skilled team of engineering experts consultants, and even technicians.

Prominent projects of Tabarak Developments

  • Capital East Nasr City Compound.
  • 90 Avenue New Cairo.
  • 90 Avenue New Cairo.

Location of Keystone New Cairo

where Keystone New Cairo Mall is Located

The location of Keystone New Cairo is one of the best decisions the developer company made. It is located at the heart of the Fifth Settlement, in the southern 90 street, in front of the fifth gate of AUC avenue. So the owners will be able to get to the mall easily, also without taking a long time while driving, besides being near to the customers. As well as it is near direct axes and different roads, For Example:

  • The Middle Ring road is near Keystone New Cairo.
  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes from the mall.
  • Madinaty is 11 minutes away from Keystone New Cairo.
  • Cairo International Airport is 10 minutes from Keystone Mall.
  • Family Park is only 1 minute from the mall.
  • Al Rehab City is about 2 minutes away.
  • American University is about 10 minutes away.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance from Keystone.
  • Cairo Festival Mall near Keystone Fifth Settlement Mall.

Area of Keystone New Cairo Mall

To provide businessmen and startups with a developer company, Tabarak Developments laid its foundation on one of the biggest land areas in the 5th settlement. It is about 37,000 m² to allocate 70,000 m² to the commercial units, giving 6,500 m² to the medical units, besides allocating 6,5000 m² to the hotel units, in addition to giving the administrative units 15,326 m². To is the easiest way to give clients the chance to own their favorite unit with a suitable space.

The variety of unit types at Keystone New Cairo Mall will give many people the chance to start their careers. Without being afraid of not attracting customers, the owner company of the projects added a variety of facilities to make it such a complete place in all aspects. There are many services with the latest technologies, making it easy for owners and clients to meet their needs without having to get out of Keystone New Cairo Mall.

Designs of Keystone Fifth Settlement Mall

Prices and Spaces of Keystone New Cairo Mall

Tabarak Developments put all its expertise into executing Keystone Fifth Settlement Mall in a modern architectural style. Through using the latest modern designs that keep pace with modern urban development through international technologies so that it appear distinctively, the best engineering plans and high-end construction strategies have been developed by the foundations and standards. International and this was done by a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering consulting to benefit from their previous experiences so that the mall appears in an innovative architectural image.

All investment units were designed for the interior and the exterior with the best decorations and high-end engineering finishing works. They are compatible with the mall’s exterior facades, through the use of the finest construction materials. To be resistant to all erosion factors that are likely to occur. In addition, the glass facades were also designed in the Keystone New Cairo Mall so that you can enjoy the distinctive views directly on the main streets.

Features and Services of Keystone New Cairo Mall

Adding a variety of facilities to Keystone New Cairo is one of the features that made the male different from the other investment projects. Because it will meet different peoples’ needs without being needed to get out of the mall. Some of these services are the following:

  • Surveillance cameras with high-quality technology 24/7.
  • Electronic gates equipped with the latest security technologies.
  • A large garage that can accommodate many cars.
  • Maintenance workers repair public facilities, and they also work periodically.
  • A cleaning team also works throughout the day at Keystone Fifth Settlement.
  • An area that includes many restaurants and various cafes.
  • Highly trained security and guard personnel who work throughout the day.
  • A supermarket provides all local and imported food commodities.
  • Shops for the most famous international and local brands.
  • ATM machines are also available for various types of banks.
  • High-speed internet network in Keystone New Cairo.
  • Central air conditioning inside the mall, also electric elevators, and panoramic stairs.
  • Electric generators also work directly in the event of a power outage.
  • Firefighting systems also work immediately when smoke breaks out.
  • A meeting room equipped with world-class sound and light technologies.
  • Places designated for receiving and guiding visitors.
  • Restrooms on every floor of Keystone Mall.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Keystone New Cairo Mall?

  • Offices Spaces starting from 122 m² with starting price of 17,832,100 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Keystone Mall?

  • 10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years Equally.

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